Monday, August 28, 2017

Magento Editions unlock the Ebay power for retailers

Qiyun Tech professionals are sharing new features of latest Magento editions (Enterprise edition and Community edition) that unlock the power of Ebay for retailers. The latest versions comprise mobile responsive design, Bill Me Later consumer financing, PayPal Express Checkout Enhancements, Faster Search Indexing, and Demand generation Extensions from eBay Inc.

The latest versions of Magento help brands and retailers to deliver a quick and cost effective shopping experience to the user.

Responsive web design templates boost mobile commerce for retailers
Utilizing CSS3, HTML5 and locally accessible jQuery, the new responsive outline reference theme is based on modern innovations and incorporates best practices for mobile commerce sites.

Retailers are currently ready to get a tablet-and Smartphone friendly responsive site in pretty nealy a fraction of the time as previously required, boosting time to market. Implementing and executing a solitary responsive site helps retailers control brand reliability, roll out snappy site improvements to capitalize on prompt opportunities and diminish progressing maintenance costs.

Mobile Commerce is developing at a quick pace and it is vital for evenry inventive company to react rapidly with a solution that empowers better engagement with clients and a more predictable user-experience, regardless to the gadget used.

Retailers are capable to offer consumers direct order financing via Bill Me Later feature
The expansion of Bill Me later, a PayPal service and new choice reachable on Magento Enterprise edition 1.14 and Community Edition 1.9, helps retailers offer more stock and gain more sales by offering unique financing choices on qualified deals. The enhanced PayPal Express Checkout permits merchants to provide an efficient checkout experience which naturally tries elective installment choices if the client’s MasterCard is declined, both expanding conversion rates and deals. 

Best-in-class demand generation
eBay Inc. also affirmed the accessibility of new extensions for Magento dealers via the Magento Connect marketplace: the eBay Enterprise Display Extension and eBay Enterprise Affiliate Extension. The eBay Enterprise Display Extension provides flawless integration with all the dealers’ current Magento product feeds, empowering them to deliver customized product-centric ads to retarget skipped clients.

Magento dealers can effectively coordinate with eBay Enterprise’s system of over 200,000 affiliates and power best in class reporting tools to investigate, track, and launch associate projects by using eBay Enterprise Affiliate extension.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

How Outsourcing is Still Best for Better Business Prospects in 2017

If one wants reliable solutions for internet then the best solution can be found through .Net framework. If a company wants to get good business then a good way can be to hire professional company that offers .net development solutions. There are many benefits for which one must go for outsourcing the development through .net applications.

The first benefit of outsourcing the project for .Net development is its simplicity. The projects that are outsourced re always completed at a much earlier time and also the investment that is done by the company for it is comparatively less. The companies that offer .net development allow the company to see its infrastructure and also to use the services of all the programmers who are extremely talented in their field. The efficiency of the website development can be improved to a great extent by outsourcing the project. Neither, one needs to hire a professional on permanent basis nor a company needs to install any equipment for this purpose.

Another benefit is that the programming process is made simpler with the help of the professionals to whom the project is outsourced. The framework provided by companies to whom the work is outsourced is quiet flexible yet powerful. It operates at a very fast pace. The customers who are geographically at distant place can be reached easily and within a short span of time. The solutions that are required for security purpose are also utilized and managed effectively by the company. The applications that are provided by the .net professionals are secure and they can also be easily downloaded.

The process of development can be controlled easily now with the help of communication technologies those have developed rapidly. Not only the company but also the customers can contact the company conveniently through video and voice calls. There are other systems too for communicating such as messenger or e-mail or even the regular means of communication. If a company wants then the outsource company can submit a report on daily basis about the work that has been done.

It is not that only certain companies can use .Net solutions. Each and every company no matter what the infrastructure is can use .net technology. With a strong and well built framework any company can build a good customer list. But above all one must be careful in choosing the company to which the work is to be outsourced. It should not only meet the needs of the Vendor Company but also requirements of the customers.

Friday, August 25, 2017

How To Add jQuery in Magento

So, Magento professionals are sharing this post to assist magento developers to use JQuery in Magento website. It’s beneficial for those developers who want to create an e-commerce site on Magento platform. When you are developing an e-commerce website on Magento platform, you need to incorporate Flow Player within the website and for that reason you need to utilize JQuery. The issue is that Magento depends intensely on the Prototype libraries to quit performing. Here’s the way to go about it.

If a Magento developer wants to utilize JQuery on every page, then he should start by adding the JQuery script to:

A developer can include the following line underneath the other script entries:

<action method=”addJs”><script type=”text/javascript” src=”PATH TO YOUR COPY OF JQEURY”></script></action>

In any case, if you need to use JQuery on specific pages (for instance on certain product pages), in the admin panel you have to go to the product page ‘catalog  manage products’ and then choose the suitable product page. Now, choose the ‘Design’ segment and include the following xml into the ‘Custom Layout Update’ box:

<reference name=”head”>
<action method=”addItem”>

For this situation, the place to put your JQuery.js file is:’/skin/frontend/base/default/JQuery.js’.
While utilizing JQuery, you need to make sure that it is utilizing ‘noConflict’ mode. For this, you need to add following code to the end of your JQuery script:

Var $j=JQuery.noConflict();
What’s more now, modify any JQuery code as follows. If you have:
$(“button”) .click(function () {
$(“p”) .slideToggle(“slow”);
Change it to:
$j(“button”) .click(function () {
$j(“p”) .slideToggle(“slow”);

You can incorporate any JQuery scripts either comprehensively (as shown in stage 1) or on every page (as shown in stage 2).

Hence, this is the post especially shared for global Magento community to help them in incorporating JQuery with Magento e-commerce website.

The Best Android security Constantly Challenging All

Ongoing security issues on the Android development platform are still giving headache to developers in India. As per the security roundup report, there are around 75% of android users who were affected by both the FakeID vulnerability and Android browser defects. This is giving trouble to developers and moreover, they are now taking it as a big challenge. A reported surge in malicious acts on android devices adds to the challenges facing developers, who are already facing backlog issue in a growing app development.

Backlog issue is harming revenue opportunities in the company; the increasing hacking acts raise the question on the company security and its marketing team. How marketers will be able to develop in security when the process will put them more behind in the race. In few cases, the intended mobile marketing advertisements are being eliminated from the apps while in other cases; these ads are taken over by other ads without consent of the owner.

The Android Usage is souring
As per the market research, about 97% of the top 100 paid applications in Android store and 87% of the top 100 paid apps in Apple store have been hacked. Moreover, hackers are targeting financial services, healthcare, and retail and merchant applications. In the research, it has clearly proven that the hackers also target free applications. This year in October, report said that mobile app backlog is directly affecting the revenue of the company.

Research and experience tell the story that it is difficult to safeguard mobile applications and thus, android development (India) team has to focus on protection of the app and its data. The financial and healthcare sector is at utmost risk and developers need to design applications which are harder to crack. Users still hesitate to make mobile payments due to security issues and this question the ability of android developers. Are they not able to provide secure app solution? Is this still a challenge to develop safest and user-friendly application?

Upgrading application version can really protect android and iOS applets to being cracked by the hackers. The developers have started considering several recommendations shared by market experts. They are now familiar with all the steps that can be made to prevent confidential data leakage and protect integrity of apps. Google has also made various enhancements in releasing hotfixes and patches to aid android users get updates.

Android Rules should be followed for development purposes

If you have searched for Android Development India on Google, it may be possible that you are working on an Android application. However, it is not as easy to develop an Android application as it seems. There are several Android developers who are working on numerous applications, so it is important that your application should be effective and it can stand out from the crowd.

There are many things which you need to know before working on an Android application. In this post, we are sharing few important and effective rules followed by developers for better results. These rules will surely help you to boost the performance of your applications.  

The very first and basic rule for developing an Android application is to avoid unnecessary things which are not needed for your application. Most of the newbie developers often ignore this common rule and thus end up with a faulty application.

Android development India will grow up at a much faster rate if developers understand the need of the application.  Don't just create any unnecessary application just because you want. Try to develop an application which is required in the market and which will actually serve some purpose.

If you are using C/C++, avoid using virtual method calls. Although by using virtual method calls you will be able to use getter or setter methods which will help you in directly accessing the field to use but this method imposes few restrictions on applications accessibility. So, the best option is to use the virtual method calls to the public instead of class.

The golden rule of "keep it simple" applies in Android development India too. To make your Android application a major success, try to reduce your layout complexity.

Most of the developers go for floating, but a real Android developer prefers integer instead of floating. If speed is considered, there is no major difference in integers and floating, but in terms of space floating uses two times more space than integer. So, avoid floating and you will get a real effective application.

To create a simple layout, use test relative layout or grid layout as both of them are easy to understand. Try any of these layouts and it will surely increase the performance of the Android application.

For optimizing queries about your Android application, develop an index of the database as it makes the optimization of queries simpler and easier.

Always go for careers or a precompiled SQL statement to develop the perfect Android application.

These were a few tips for developing an Android application. We wish you all the best for your application development.

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