Friday, August 25, 2017

The Best Android security Constantly Challenging All

Ongoing security issues on the Android development platform are still giving headache to developers in India. As per the security roundup report, there are around 75% of android users who were affected by both the FakeID vulnerability and Android browser defects. This is giving trouble to developers and moreover, they are now taking it as a big challenge. A reported surge in malicious acts on android devices adds to the challenges facing developers, who are already facing backlog issue in a growing app development.

Backlog issue is harming revenue opportunities in the company; the increasing hacking acts raise the question on the company security and its marketing team. How marketers will be able to develop in security when the process will put them more behind in the race. In few cases, the intended mobile marketing advertisements are being eliminated from the apps while in other cases; these ads are taken over by other ads without consent of the owner.

The Android Usage is souring
As per the market research, about 97% of the top 100 paid applications in Android store and 87% of the top 100 paid apps in Apple store have been hacked. Moreover, hackers are targeting financial services, healthcare, and retail and merchant applications. In the research, it has clearly proven that the hackers also target free applications. This year in October, report said that mobile app backlog is directly affecting the revenue of the company.

Research and experience tell the story that it is difficult to safeguard mobile applications and thus, android development (India) team has to focus on protection of the app and its data. The financial and healthcare sector is at utmost risk and developers need to design applications which are harder to crack. Users still hesitate to make mobile payments due to security issues and this question the ability of android developers. Are they not able to provide secure app solution? Is this still a challenge to develop safest and user-friendly application?

Upgrading application version can really protect android and iOS applets to being cracked by the hackers. The developers have started considering several recommendations shared by market experts. They are now familiar with all the steps that can be made to prevent confidential data leakage and protect integrity of apps. Google has also made various enhancements in releasing hotfixes and patches to aid android users get updates.

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