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What is so special about Android Application Development?

It is due to the perfect combination of Google and android that smartphones are now capable of doing the work of a PC.

Android is based on Linux Kernel which allows application developers to develop applications in a more effective and user friendly way. The beauty of the android is that developing can be done without any issue and it also requires less investment with a good return.

With so much scope in this filed, android application development is slowly becoming the most lucrative business for small and medium business owners. Many individuals and free lancers are also making good money with the help of android application development.

What is so special about Android Application Development?

More and more number of android developers are taking interest in this field because of the following reasons:

The one main thing which makes it differ from other platforms is that it is an open source platform and because of the Linux kernel base, it provides relatively higher performance stability with least chances of crashes.

There are very low number of issues in porting the applications in Android development. It is the developers work to smartly customize the layout and find the best things for his application or project.

Since it is openly available, the cost involvement is pretty low and the time factor is also reduced which helps in faster development, thus saving both money and time.

Smart phones have become an important part of life as it connects one to the world with just a touch. The number of smart phone users is increasing day by day and due to this there is a need of efficient and focused android developers. This sector is growing at a tremendous rate and due to this, android developers are in great demand too.

Use of Technology in Android Application development

Java programming is used in developing an android applications. By using java and open source framework, a user can easily incorporate third party apps in his project. Android uses CDMA, GSM, EDGE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and UMTS to send and receive data on different platforms.

It offers 2D and 3D, MPEG4, MP3, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, and MIDI formats for using image, video and audio files. Other features of android include Video camera, GPS, touchscreens, and accelerometer.

Android allows developers to make unique, innovative and usable applications by using its easy framework.

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