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How You Should Use Digital Wall Tiles For Interior Decoration!

One of the recent trends in wall tiles today is the increasing use of digital tiles. Usually made of ceramic, digital wall tiles have emerged as firm favorites because these tiles are remarkably adaptable. These can be designed according to almost any pattern. This may be a little more expensive than the common ceramic tiles, but their exclusivity and finish alone makes up for that. In addition, these are much less expensive than other tile alternatives.

So, why are digital wall tiles so popular? It is not just their relative cost-effectiveness that makes them popular. Digital tiles also have a number of other positive attributes. These are:

Digital Wall Tiles

Digital tiles offer all the advantages of the material that is used. Since, manufacturers typically use the best material, often high quality ceramic, the tiles offer all the advantages of ceramics. These tiles are resistant to moisture and heat. They are also waterproof. This makes them ideal in high wear and tear areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Digital tiles are manufactured by producing a given design or pattern on a tile. We use technology to replicate a design on the surface of the tile. This makes the tiles extremely customized. One can literally design the tiles according to any given requirements.

Alternative to designer tiles:
Designer tiles that stand out because of a coveted a pattern or design, are considered one of the most luxurious items in the tile industry. Many enterprising home owners have used the digital technology to replicate the same designs, at almost the fraction of the cost! While it may not carry the exclusivity promised by a designer tiles or the stamp, it does offer a more affordable option. In fact, many firms now offer ‘designer’ range, which are digital tiles!

Tips on using digital wall tiles:
If you are wondering how you can fully benefit from digital tiles, the trick lies in using their customization. If you cannot get customized tiles, there is a really wide selection available in the market today and use can find almost anything you are looking for:

Using mosaic patterns
Mosaics have always been one of the interesting patterns in tile making. What is essentially an art that dates back centuries can now be replicated using designer tiles. Mosaic tiles can be used in myriad patterns. Their novelty and uniqueness is enough to make them stand out by themselves. You can use them at the entrance of your home, the lobby of an institutional space, by the pool — anywhere you want a unique art placement!

Using colored patterns:
Colors can make interesting patterns. Using different colored tiles to create the same patterns can become tricky since one has to replicate the patterns using tiles from different batches and then put them exactly as per the design. With digital wall tiles India, this pattern can be replicated before it is put on the wall, making the transition easier.

Bringing artwork:
Beautiful artwork is always a coveted piece, something that is meant to wow. But it is also un-affordable for the average home owner. Digital wall tiles give us an affordable alternative. You can use them to create beautiful artwork, including patterns that resemble carvings and paintings.

Adapting decor style:
Tiles can be used to enhance any given decor style and digital tiles saves us from the hassle of looking for the right one. You can literally pick anything that goes with the style you are looking for. For instance, for retro-style decor, you can use bold geometric patterns, for a moorish style home, go for mosaics. You can also make your own unique choices, such as using monochromes with different patterns on a single wall.

Replicate stone finish:
Stone tiles give a warm and elegant appearance. These are often considered to fall in the luxury bracket. Unfortunately, they also come with the corresponding price tag. Luckily digital tiles can be used to recreate a wide range of stone tiles — from marbles to travertine. Technology has reached a point where we can even replicate their unique texture! In short, you can have the same effect as stone tiles in your home at half the cost.

Digital wall tiles is being used in many ways from replicating artwork to creating customized interior decors.

The Nobel Prize – The Story Behind How It Came To Be

Alfred Nobel was a Swedish inventor, researcher and a highly acclaimed intellectual who made an impressive fortune from his creation of dynamite in 1866. He then went ahead and brought to life the eminent and prestigious Nobel prizes by way of his Will, which he had despite not having the easy option of using a free Will kit template to do the deed.

On 27th November, 1895 in Paris, Alfred Bernhard Nobel signed his last Will which specified that his fortune was to be used in a fund whose sole intention was to honour and regard those who in the previous year have bestowed the greatest and most supreme benefit to mankind. A year later that is in December 1896 to be exact he died in San Remo, Italy.

Following his death, many people waited with bated breaths for the public declaration of the content of his Will. This was because it was a well-known fact that Nobel had left behind one of the world’s largest personal wealth.

The Nobel Prize

Nobel had announced that the majority of his estate and possessions be devoted towards “safe securities” and that led to some 31.5 million Swedish kronor that amount to 1.7 billion Swedish kronor today to be used to build the Nobel Foundation. The revelation of the content of his Will brought great disappointment to some of his relatives and friends. His Will shed light on the fact that he wanted the prizes to be distributed in 5 equal parts for physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace.

He declared the following in his last Will... The Shorter Description
He said that the remainder of his realisable estate in its entirety should be should be disposed off in the following manner:

- The capital had to be invested in a safe security by his executors
- to constitute for a fund and the resulting interest should be utilised to annually award prizes to those who have presented the world with the greatest benefit.
- The amount of interest received from the safe securities fund had to be allocated as follows:

  • One part of the division to the person who has made most important and vital breakthrough or invention in the field of physics and chemistry.
  • One part of the division to the person who has made the highly important discovery within the field of physiology or medicine.
  • One part of the division to the person who has produced the most exceptional work with distinguished tendency and idealistic nature in the field of literature.
  • One part of the division to the person who has given their best contribution to work towards establishing fraternity between nations and the eradication or diminution of standing armies along with the formation and spreading of peace congresses.
The prizes for physics and chemistry are to be awarded by the Swedish Academy of Sciences; in case of physiological or medicine prizes the Caroline Institute in Stockholm will do the honours. The Academy in Stockholm is responsible to recognize individuals legible for the Nobel literature prize and for the promoters of peace; the Norwegian Storting will be responsible.

It was Alfred Nobel’s express wish that the no consideration was to be given in regards to national affiliations while awarding the prizes. This was mentioned so that the worthiest individual shall receive the prize.

Contesting of Nobel’s Will
Upon Alfred Nobel’s death, the contents of his Will came across as a shock to his family. It is to be noted that he had no children of his own but his Will was challenged by two of his nephews who tried to declare the document invalid. Even King Oscar II of Sweden condemned Nobel’s Will, deeming it unpatriotic. What added to the confusion was the fact that Nobel hadn’t named executors for his Will nor did he consult any of the institutions he had appointed to award the prizes to make sure if they were on board with his plans.

Approval of Nobel’s Will
In the light of this commotion, subsequent negotiations were held in which the Swedish Government also participated. Executors Ragnar Sohlman and Rudolf Lilljequist were appointed and they finally succeeded in ironing out the legal knots. On 29th June, 1900 King Oscar II gave his seal of approval to the statutes of the newly minted Nobel Foundation. This held immense meaning as Alfred Nobel’s grand vision could finally be executed and accomplished. The first Nobel prizes were awarded in Stockholm and Oslo on 10th December, 1901.

The only prize that was not a part of Nobel’s original Will was the ‘Nobel Prize for Economics’. This was funded by the Swedish Central Bank and was first awarded in 1969.

The Reality Of Life And Entrepreneurship - 4 Must-Learn Lessons From The Pursuit Of Happyness

It has been more than a decade since “The Pursuit Of Happyness’ was released, yet it’s still there in the back of our minds as an incredibly inspiring movie. Undoubtedly, most of us would’ve seen it, particularly those who’ve dreams to turn into reality and perhaps were persistently criticised by others.

To give you a run through, The Pursuit Of Happyness is based on the true life story of a single dad, fighting to build a better future for him and his son. Chris Garden, played by Will Smith, encounters a phase of homelessness with his son, where he tries to earn a living by selling ‘medical bone density scanners’, while also being signed up for an apprenticeship, as a stock broker.

The movie is encouraging in ways one wouldn’t have ever imagined. Not to mention, the many things that every budding entrepreneur can learn from him. So, if you’re one of these entrepreneurs, but haven’t yet seen this film – firstly we’d suggest you to watch it and then take a look at this article to learn the 5 most important things.

 Life And Entrepreneurship

Things Might Turn Out To Be Worse Before Getting Better
When we say this film is a must-watch for entrepreneurs, the first question that might pop up in your head would be, “Why is it considered to be so inspirational and what is it to do with the business world?”

Well, the aspect that makes Chris’s story so encouraging is he had to go through tough times before achieving his dreams and becoming successful.

In the movie, you’d come across scenes where he has to turn to sleeping in the subway’s bathroom for a night; yet he puts in the effort to show his son that it isn’t the way it is just to ensure he’s happy. Moreover, he faces struggles to sell the scanners to earn a living, look after his son and figure out a place to reside.

Things did get worse and he had to go through some of the darkest days before seeing the sunshine, but no matter what he DID NOT GIVE UP, instead KEPT GOING!

So, this pretty much sums up the fact that in this business world, when you’ll start your own firm you’re going to experience the ups and downs. You’re business expedition is certainly going to be one hell of rollercoaster ride, but ultimately you’re bound to achieve success provided you don’t give up!

Do Not Be Scared To Aim High
From Chris’s present position of a failed salesman, taking up the job of a stockbroker might have seemed a little too much for people. After all, he was just working as an intern and yet, only one of them would be given the job.

You do not wish to have higher goals in life, do you? Well, that is completely your choice! Here, all you need to bear in mind is, aiming for lower things is relatively easier, but when your goals are higher you do get the chance to be what you can and turn your dreams into reality. Needless to say, this is the way Chris Gardner saw things in life!

Of course, the odds were piled up against him, yet he aimed for higher goals and walked on his selected path.

Here the bottom line is you must never be scared for aiming high. Things will become easier and fall in place if you’re eager to do it!

Do Not Allow Others Opinion To Overpower You

This could be seen in 2 scenes in the movie.

Firstly, Chris Gardner’s wife did not trust him. She felt the idea of joining as an intern was completely absurd and he must concentrate on getting hired for a full-time job. Here what we can understand is, because of him working as an intern is why she left. But, even this couldn’t stop him from doing and achieving what he wanted to.

Secondly, the point could be seen in the scene where his son is playing basketball, which he really loves. Chris tells him that he does not want to see him shooting hoops, before he realised that he shouldn’t have said so.

As an entrepreneur, what you need to learn from these 2 scenes is no matter what never allow others opinion to stop you from doing something you really love. Many people stopped chasing their dreams just because they did what their parents felt was right for them.

DO NOT be one of them, instead chase your dreams and show them what you are capable of!

Do Not Come Across As Weak
In the movie, if you’ll notice the way Chris meets and talks to people in the company, you wouldn’t say that he was facing issues as severe as being homeless. He always used to dress up smartly to work and talk yet be polite with everyone he met.

The most iconic scene of the movie is when he’s ready to give his $5 bills to the manager of the firm as a cab fare home. Others would’ve blatantly said no because they badly needed it, but Chris wasn’t ready to come across as weak or create a bad impression of himself by not giving it.

The bottom line is this – we all only have ONE life to do what we love and therefore we must make the most out of it. So, find the right path and start walking towards your dreams.

What is important is to keep that dream alive and have an eye on your aim. It isn’t about the missteps or failures you’re likely to face, instead it’s more about what you learn from it and how you use it to come out stronger!

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How Indian Fruit Juice industry has been flourishing

Like people from any other part of the globe, Indians also have been consuming fruit juices for centuries now. With plethora of fruit orchard cultivations across various parts of the country, India has always been blessed with variety of fruits for people to consume seasonally. However, unlike before, where people had a lot of choice to pick their favorite fruits, buy and consume them, a lot of the fruit orchard owners are now exporting their cultivations to different countries that have a greater demand for such cultivations and also pay best prices for the exported fruits.

In the recent times, a lot of new packaged Indian fruit drinks exporters have been doing great in the market. These are extracted juices from naturally cultivated fruits that are packaged following several quality checks and released into the market for people to relish their taste buds when the unexpected craving for fruits bumps in. The Indian fruit juice industry has taken giant strides in the recent years with several players entering into the sphere, pushing the industry value to over $200 million according to the statistics.

Fruit Juice industry

With three segments respectively named fruit drinks, fruit juices and nectar drinks, the Indian fruit juice industry has been in equal stage with the cold drinks that have been ruling the market for several decades. Also, since the fruit juices are much healthier as compared to the colas, people have started preferring this post health consciousness spreading among people across the globe.

Now, packaged fruit juices that are available in the market are truly cent per cent natural concentrated fruit extractions that are gradually spreading to the bigger spaces of the market in the country. With about 30% of the total share of drinks, the fruit juices industry is giving a tough competition to the cold beverages sector that has always been ruled by the bigger brands.

Increased awareness about healthy lifestyle and healthy eating has led people to choose anything that are better among the available food or beverages for consumption. With health problems rising and India becoming one of the prime countries which have excessive amount of people with diabetes, choosing close to natural means is what people are aiming at.

The Indian fruit juice industry has relatively grown to be one of the most flourishing sectors also in the global arena, for the manufacturers are grabbing the interest of the consumers with creative promotional techniques and of course with excellent quality mechanisms. With close to 100% natural fruit extracts and hygienic production and packaging methods, the fruit juices makers are thoroughly attracting consumers who crave for real fruit tastes that are almost unavailable to them in real form due to carbide-ripened fruits making rounds in the rounds.

Also, by describing the content in a detailed manner through commercial ads and also by adding to the improvisation of lifestyles and healthy living, the fruit juices manufacturers are truly making big in the local as well as the global market. Natural fruit juices are now available at any nearby supermarket just for reasonable costs, which is appreciable!

How Diesel Engine Is Different From Petrol Engine!

Petrol and diesel engines are two distinct commonly used internal combustion engines. Diesel engine parts manufacturers will explain major differences between these two engines, even if their operation seems similar.

Basic operability of 4 stroke engine

Before commencing the main topic, experts will explain the basic operation of a 4 stroke I.C. engine. Both engines have the same basic 4 strokes- intake, power, compression, and exhaust. During the intake stroke, fresh air is grabbed in to the cylinder. This air is compressed with the compression strokes and hot gas is produced. This hot gas burns the fuel and the power stroke happens next. You should know that the power stroke is the only stroke where the piston absorbs fuel energy. The last stroke exhaust is used to eject the burn gas to the environment.

Diesel Engine vs Petrol Engine

All four strokes are common in diesel and petrol engine.

Both the engines are different from each other due to the difference between the ways they burn the fuels. Petrol engine runs on petrol, which is a volatile liquid and evaporates if left open. This is why it is mixed with air efficiently and a spark is enough to produce smooth combustion in a well pre-mixed petrol engine. Petrol has lower flash point, which is the minimum temperature required for a fuel to generate an instant combustible mixture.

But diesel is less volatile fuel, which is not mixed with air properly. Diesel fuel has high flash point value, but if you spray atomized diesel into high temperature air, spontaneous combustion will occur.

In petrol engine, the air and fuel need to be pre-mixed, while in diesel engine, mixing occurs only during the combustion. This is why diesel engines use a fuel injector while petrol engines depend on spark plug.

People do have misunderstanding about modern petrol engine. They believe that latest engine technology has a gasoline direct injection and the combustion occurs during the fuel injection process. This is not true, even for a direct injection engine; a spark plug is always required. The technology is a way to produce fine petrol-air mixture. It uses fuel injector instead of carburetor to mix air and fuel. This technology sprays the fuel accurately and saves fuel.

So, if anyone asks you about difference between diesel engine and petrol engine, you will be able to answer them. Diesel engine parts manufacturers have shared major differences between these two engines. For more updates, keep looking at this space.

How To Create Your Bespoke Designer Party Wear Saree

While western outfits are still mostly preferred by women at workplace due to many reasons like tying a 6 yard saree in the morning seems a difficult task to them, handling at work especially during meetings can be difficult and so on. But this perception is slowly changing and more women are now opting designer partyware sarees in India. They have started creating customize designs to make the saree more interesting and unique.

It is true that there is a lot of western influence over traditions in India and so, the perception of the people is changing. Do you know? You can paint your own saree and make it looks like designer piece. Let’s learn how to do it.

Bespoke Designer Party Wear Saree

Step 1
Wash the cloth you want to turn into your saree. Let it dry and iron.

Step 2
Choose the side that you want to paint.

Step 3
Clamp the side you select to the wooden board with the help of binder clips

Step 4
Mark out the border along the length of the cloth. Make sure its width should be approx 12cm.

Step 5
With the help of 3D outliner, draw the pattern you wish to have on the saree. Draw it on the inner and outer side.

Step 6
Let it dry

Step 7
Paint the central region with fabric paints and design your choice of patterns

Step 8
Let the paint dry. Once it dries, you can use sequins and beads to make the saree beautiful. Paste them at the empty spaces with the fabric glue. Make sure you stick them at even distances so that they shine in similar way.

Step 9
When your paint dries, you can start outlining the painted patterns with the help of 3D outliner. We advise you to pick a color that contrasts well with both the pattern color and fabric color.

Step 10
Let the outliner dry

Step 11
Shift the saree to following part and repeat the steps until you paint on one side of the saree.

Step 12
If you have a design in your mind for pallu, make it happen. Pick a rich pattern and decorate it with fabric paint and sequins.

Step 13
Stitch beads to the outer side of the pallu to give a rich look. It will also help the pallu to stay in place. This is optional step to perform.

This is how exclusive designer party ware sarees in India are prepared. You can make it at your place if you are good in art and drawing. Make amazing patterns with blocks.

Kindly share your thoughts with us regarding this post. Will you try this DIY project? Don’t forget to feedback once you get your exclusive designer ware saree. Or else contact New India Fashion and avail the designer collection at reasonable rates. They are dealing in premium range of sarees and salwar suits across the globe. Get in touch with them and share your requirement.

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Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2018

As we enter a new year, one thing remains the same and this involves business owners repeating the mistakes they made in the previous year. I am not talking about struggling first time entrepreneurs here either, as many of the culprits are considered to be experienced and successful owners of SMEs.

Most small business owners struggle to create an advertising and marketing strategy that delivers for them on multiple fronts. Here, I would like to give a rundown of some of the most common marketing mistakes observed, which is preventing many entreprenuers from maximising the potential of their marketing strategies.

Unable to Convey Value
People will reciprocate to your offer if they feel that there is value in it for them. It does not matter what value you bring to the table, what is more important is the perception of that value for your customers. Perception is a key component of any marketing strategy. That’s why a local McDonalds joint will always outsell the most popular independent burger establishment in your town. Businessowners in particular are used to meeting people who profess the great value of the products they are offerring. The problem for them is to showcase this value to their customers and convince them to buy.

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?
Many small business owners spend a fortune on marketing and advertising campaigns that are not really addressed to anyone, which therefore provides them with mixed results. Certainly the results in such situations are not proportionate to amount being invested in the overall marketing efforts.

The main problem faced by these businessowners lies in identifying their ideal customer. If you don’t know what your ideal customer profile is, how will you incentivise anyone to buy from you. The end result is a generic marketing message that appeals to no one in particular. Today’s marketing strategies are more targetted. Online marketing makes this whole process of finding the right customer segment and tracking the results easier. In the process you also end up not wasting all the capital you generated on a faulty strategy.

It does not matter how you secured the finance to fund for your marketing endeavours. You could have funneled your business’s profits towards more marketing or you could taken out a loan from a bank or an alternative finance provider.

The bottom-line is you need to make sure that your capital is being used to create specific messages that target customers belonging to the right profile. It might sound like a lot of work, but it is pretty straightforward in terms of execution because of the presence of advertising platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

Not Having a Marketing Funnel
Honestly most entreprenuers don’t know what an online marketing funnel is much less have one implemented for their business. This is also an important reason why many marketing strategies falter. An important part of their strategy is predicated on luck. They just hope that a prospective customer finds their contact page and get in touch with them for no particular reason. You need to have answers for the following to create a marketing funnel for your business:

  • Where will your users go, once they click on your ad?
  • What message do you want them to see when they land on your website?
  • What will you do with the vast majority of users who land on your website but never fill out a contact form?
  • How will you follow up and nurture leads that are not ready to convert yet?
An online conversion process involves many steps and it is your responsibilty to understand the conversion path and guide your customers in a way that would lead to most of them eventually converting into paying customers. A marketing funnel will help you achieve this

No Tracking and Improvement
The best way to fine tune your marketing efforts is by tracking and measuring what you are doing currently. It’s amazing how many entreprenurs still rely on gut feeling to evaluate the success of a marketing strategy. From a statistical standpoint, I can confidently say that your ‘gut’ is wrong almost 90% of the time.

Google analytics and the analytics metrics provided by almost every advertising platform available online makes it inexcusable that entrepreneurs are still not tracking the results of their marketing efforts. If you don’t like wasting money, it would be advisable to implement a tracking system that will help you figure out how your marketing pounds is performing.

Living In A Bubble
Most businessowners adhere to the best practices within their industry, which is great. But, you should also look outside accepted industry practices and seek inspiration from other fields for your marketing strategy, which will help you get ahead of your competition.

If you continue to live in a bubble, you will be continuing with your current strategies that will deliver the same results every time leading to stagnation and disappointment at the end of the year, just like it has previously.

5 Practical Ways to Put Outfits Together

Putting outfits together can be such a hassle and a tumult, most especially in the morning when you are getting ready to go to work or school. But it doesn’t have to take plenty of hours or get a well-known stylist to look chic. Most of the time, you can easily do it by keeping a couple of key items in your wardrobe that you can take in a time of sartorial panic. Putting outfits together is as easy as 1-2-3. If you don’t know what to wear for the day or what type of accessories to add, don’t give up that instant. Keep in mind that there are a lot of ways for which you can master the art of putting outfits together. So don’t be afraid because once you get the knack out of it, you’ll be putting or formulating tons of amazing, fun outfits altogether in no time. For a little help, listed below are five practical ways to put outfits together.

Buy Less, Choose Well: 5 Practical Ways to Put Outfits Together

women's outfits ideas

Arrange your Wardrobe
More often than not, we don’t know what are we going to wear or how to get outfits altogether. That said, maybe it’s time to systematize or organize your closet. By doing so, it’ll be much easier to look for certain garments you want to wear, or you want to put together. In the process of organizing, you’ll certainly find some clothes that are not useful or clothes you rarely use. If you find some, get rid of them. There’s no point of keeping or saving these when you almost never wear them.

Once removed, you’ll have more space for the clothes that you’ll wear. As a rule of thumb, clean your closet every six months. If you can’t throw or dispose of some of your things, put them in closed storage or give them to your friends or charity. When organizing your wardrobe, be sure that you’ll have, without difficulty, access to your stuff. You can opt to organize or arrange your clothes by item. Meaning, all the sweaters go together, all shirts go together, and so on. Another way is to organize them by color. It’s still a win-win condition for you.

Arrange your Wardrobe

Invest for Essential Tops
To successfully put outfits together, be sure to invest or have some essential tops. For sure, you’ll need several essential tops which can be the structure of your wardrobe. These essential pieces should be trend-proof and versatile. Keep in mind that it’s best if you invest in neutral colors such as navy blue, black, white, and ivory because you can put them all together easily. It’s also wise to go for classic designs and styles than to follow every trend. Be sure to have some casual tops like camisoles, short and long sleeve shirts, and tank tops. Go for high-quality pieces and simple colors. Aside from that, invest for a couple of dressy blouses because you can wear them with blazers and can give power or class to your outfit. Don’t forget to add some pullovers in neutral shades, button-down cardigans, and sweaters that’ll work well with your blouses and tops. Invest in good-quality jackets like a neutral peacoat, black leather jacket, a blazer, and a trench coat as well.

Invest for Essential Bottoms
Aside from investing for essential tops, it’s of the utmost importance to have some basic bottoms because they’re the basis of what type of top you’re going to wear. Again, opt for neutral styles and colors that will never change through time. Be sure to buy several pairs of jeans that you can wear everywhere and at any occasion. Go for boot or straight-cut jeans in dark blue. They’ll work perfectly with heels or pumps whenever you want to look casual. Also, make sure to have several skirts for your casual needs. It’ll look great with boots or pumps as well. When it comes to dresses, be sure to have some neutral ones because they can look good on any day. Have at least one black dress with you because it’s a closet staple.

Collect Good-quality Accessories
Accessories can, without a doubt, add a distinct feature to your wardrobe without overpowering you. Handbags, jewelry, belts, hosiery, and scarves are best in neutral shades as well as brighter, funkier styles. For example, a vibrant scarf matched with fitted jeans and black shirt can be an easy but fun outfit. As such, you don’t have to spend too much because you’ll still look stylish and great with such simple additions.

Buy Versatile Shoes
Shoes are an important part of any outfit because they can either make or break your overall look. Thus, you’ll need a couple of pairs of shoes in different colors, styles, and designs so that it’ll be easier to put outfits together. Keep in mind that different pieces of clothes go better with different shoes. Also, when choosing a shoe color, steer clear form light colored ones because they get dirty easily. Invest in a pair of boots, high heels, flats, and casual sneakers. Because by then, you won’t have to worry about what shoes to wear for this or that outfit.

Indeed, it can be sometimes hard and a challenge to know what clothing pieces to put together. It’s perhaps one of the biggest dilemmas of most girls out there - creating the perfect outfit every day. Yes, it can be time-consuming and such a hassle to get outfits together, but when you have the key pieces in your wardrobe, you’ll never have the same problem again.

Yassi Parrish is a fashion blogger. She loves to watch America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway. Yassi also loves to visit any online stores such as Deal Wiki to look for good-quality products at an affordable price. In her free time, she spends time with her family.

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Ways of Revoking a Legal Will

Revocation of a legal Will in simpler words means that it is cancelled. There are several ways in which you can revoke a legal Will. The Will can be revoked either voluntarily or by operation of the law. A legal Will is going to remain valid for an unlimited time period until it is revoked. The Will can be revoked by the following ways:

1: Making a New Will
An old Will is revoked by a new Will only when the new provisions and law are inconsistent with it. However, any confusion can motivate a ‘losing beneficiary’ to legally challenge the new Will. Remember, this is entirely a legal action. Hence, while drafting a new Will it is always advisable to state that this new Will revokes all the previous ones. In reality, if the mentioned executors believe to possess your latest Will, they are unlikely to hunt around for the previous one which may further complicate your estate. The basic law will be implied no matter what you decide to do with your older Will or where it is stored. Remember, the most recent Will that you have composed (and the one which you have signed in presence of two witnesses) will make all the older ones invalid.

2: Marriage
When you decide to marry or rather remarry, your previously crafted Will is automatically revoked. In such a situation, if you do not craft a new Will and happen to die (without having a legal Will in place), your spouse is most likely to inherit everything you own. Also, you can craft a Will in anticipation of marriage, which is likely to take effect when you get married. Hence, if the new Will has words which make it clear that it is in contemplation of marriage to a named person, the Will is not revoked automatically when you do marry.

3: Destruction of an Old Will
If at any given situation, you willingly destroy your own Will, then it is known to be revoked. But if you destroy your Will partially and your executors are unaware of the fact that it was destroyed willingly, then they have the power to ask the Court to decide whether the Will is valid or not. If your executors and beneficiaries think the destruction of the Will was an accident (in case of house fire or natural calamity), then they may proceed in an application to the Court to provide a copy of that Will.

4: Editing Your Will Once You Have Signed It
Once your final Will is crafted, make sure that you do not make any alterations to it in any way. You cannot cross out portions or add any extra words or blocks of text to your final Will. Neither can you attach any extra pages with pins, staples or clips to your existing Will. If you wish to alter your existing Will, then you simply need to prepare a new document and execute it as your new Will and then destroy the previous one and all the copies of it.

So, in what cases you should craft a new Will?
Below we have mentioned few events that would ordinarily require you to make changes to your existing Will:
  • In case you get married (including registration of a civil partnership) or getting a divorce.
  • The birth, death or adoption of any children
  • In case of marriage, divorce or separation of any of your beneficiaries
  • To add or makes changes in the guardians for your children
  • Your financial position changes which makes your older Will no longer viable
  • Due to the changes in the tax law, which changes the effects on your older Will
  • You willingly want to make changes in the beneficiaries or the gifts or the arrangements
  • One of your proposed executors die before you or you want to change them anyway
  • In case you are moving abroad
5: Divorce, Separation and Unmarried Partners
Termination of a civil partnership or divorce does not revoke a Will. Nonetheless, though your ex-spouse or civil partner is termed as a beneficiary in your Will, they will not continue to be one unless it is explicitly mentioned in the Will that they continue to be your beneficiary even after divorce or separation. The only consequence to this can be, your property would be divided in such a way that you did not initially intended. Also, it gives some beneficiaries a greater or lesser benefit than how you initially wanted it to leaving the property to a greater liability for inheritance tax. On the other hand, separation as such has no effect on the Will. If you happen to die having separated but have not rewritten the Will, then your spouse inherits your property as if they were living with you. If both you and your ex-spouse have found partners after separation, the new partner will inherit nothing while your ex-spouse (and their family) may benefit from it.

6: Foreign Wills
If you are revoking your existing Will by making a new one and including usual words such as revocation, then make sure you are excluding any foreign Will in your revocation. If at all you do not, then the arrangement you have had in mind for your foreign property may not be effective at all.

7: Changes in Name or Address
It is by law essential to update the names and addresses of all the beneficiaries every time you write a Will. Now, even if these details happen to be wrong when you die, your Will is going to be perfectly valid and the listed executors will give effect to your wishes provided each beneficiary can be identified (no matter where they are located).

8: Review your Will Regularly
According to the Law Society, it is recommended to review your Will in every five years. We suggest you to do the same and do it more often, perhaps every year and whenever your financial circumstances change.

5 Awesome Ways To Create The Perfect Sleeping Ambience For Your Toddler

As a mother, getting your toddler to bed can be the most tiring task. They whine, try causing delays by making unnecessary trips to the bathroom and will do absolutely anything to avoid going to bed. If you’re finding it impossible to get your child into a good routine, this means that your strategy is ineffective and you probably should be looking for alternatives. To begin with take note of your child’s sleep environment. It has been noticed that your physical environment has significant amount of influence on your mind and body in the night.

Following are some tips to keep surroundings good and let your kid enjoy sound sleep:

Sleep Audit
It is important to track your kid’s sleeping time in the entire day. This is very much essential if you note that your toddler is facing problem in going to bed. You can use traditional old or modern tricks to trace timings, it completely depends on you. Before, you carry out this analysis, search about ideal time a toddler should sleep. The main reason is it varies according to kid’s routine as some have more physical activities than mental exercises and vice-versa. This way you will not take your kid an hour early to bed instead just in right time so that they easily fall asleep.

Find the right temperature
First-time parents are worried about setting the right temperature in the room for your kid. A designer radiator is a trust-worthy source which can generate sufficient amount of warmth depending upon the outside weather. It is believed that kid’s room must have a static temperature. There are companies which offer models that offer warmth according to the weather outside your home. This creates a perfect balance between outside weather and in your room. This way, your kid enjoys a perfect temperature to sleep in.

De-clutter for better sleep
It is important to keep your child’s room organised and clean. A room free from clutter offers you a peaceful surrounding as you do not think about the pending tasks. Your mind and body can completely relax and sleep. Your child enjoys soothing effect in a clean space along with a sound sleep. Most kids like playing with their toys and other belongings. As parents, it is important to instil a habit in them to keep back their belongings at their spot. This habit will make them more responsible and value them. Plus, your kid sleeps in a clean, de-cluttered room and enjoys more free space.

Sleep in the dark
Children prefer to have some amount of light through bedside lamp, overhead light, etc. You can allow light to a minimal amount because they do not harm sleep. However, excessive amount of light can be a hurdle and disturb sound sleep of your kid. Although, as a parent you may hesitate to leave your kid in almost complete darkness but it is a good trick to provide them a good night sleep. As per science, the pineal gland which is a part of your brain releases a hormone called melatonin. This hormone regulates sleepiness in your body. This is one key reason why parents should giving electronic devices probably 1 hour before actual sleeping time. Besides, there is high possibility that what they visualise has a significant impact on their dreams and thoughts. Additionally, the screen light is not healthy as they release melatonin. Therefore, sleeping in dark is an ideal choice.

Being Calm and relax
The chore of going to bed should be a peaceful exercise for your children. One way to do so is associate positive attributes with sleep/ bedtime routine. For instance, if your child likes listening to stories read them a bedtime story. Often, it has been observed that parents regard sleep as a punishment for bad behaviour. This results in disliking towards sleeping among children as they consider it a punishment even in the long run. This is why children avoid going to sleep as they think it is because of some misbehaviour. You can build a routine which relaxes your kid’s mind and body. For example, you can listen to songs, poems, etc. You can also ask your kid to share how their day, what did they like doing and what was not. This way, you will understand your kid better and how they react to varied situations.

If you notice that your kid is heading in the wrong direction then you can explain them and guide in the right path. There are several relaxation exercises which you can do along with your toddler. This can calm you both and you can enjoy peaceful sleep.

Moreover, right amount of sleep has various positive effects on body and mind. Some of them are discussed here:

  • Sleep affects heart - Children with improper sleep tend to experience brain arousal. This, over a period of time results in high blood sugar and increases chances of diabetes, obesity, etc.
  • Build immune system - When humans sleep, our body are body produces proteins called as cytokines which are used by body to fight with infection, stress, illness, etc.
  • Sleeps affects growth - Sometimes, you feel that your kid has grown overnight but it is not a miracle pure science. Growth hormones tend to work actively while you are asleep. It has been observed that kids who lack proper sleep have improper growth.
  • Lack of attention span - If your kid sleeps for only few hours, they will remain exhausted all-day long. This leads them to be impulsive and distracted for rest of the day. It is advised that kids below the age of 3 should at least sleep for 10 hours.
Lastly, your mind and body needs adequate rest before you start a new day. This rest rejuvenates kids and fills them with new energy for the next day. Thus, a sound sleep is very much important for your toddler.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Personal Finance Tips for a Sole Proprietor

Multiple independent functions need to be taken care of simultaneously for any business to operate smoothly. Planning, organising financing, marketing, staffing and implementing changes are all important facets of running an organisation.

Finance plays a key role for any business, especially for small business owners who generally tend to have stronger control over it. Many a time, small business owners have to manage their business and personal finances simultaneously.

At times, there is a huge gap between business and personal priorities and bridging the two becomes a tricky task.

As a sole proprietor, you cannot afford to overlook your personal finances as they have an impact on your business. It is equally important to keep track of your finances as this helps to optimise the flow of money. Listed below are some tips that will help you to manage your personal finances:

Diversify your investments
‘Do not put all of your eggs in one basket.’ This is particularly true when dealing with investments.

This mantra can be used as a general rule of thumb for all businesses but small business owners need to be extra careful about their finances and diversify their investments. Diversification is considered to be the main crux of investment.

Small business owners in particular are more inclined to reinvest their entire personal capital back into their business. Obviously, investing in your business will help you to expand but putting the entire sum in one pot can be risky.

It has been observed that approximately 50% of all small enterprises stay financially relevant only for five years.

Sole proprietors can instead invest their funds in other businesses or a side business. They can also open a savings account and save a significant amount in it or opt for alternative investments. This way, you avoid putting all your money in one place.

By diversifying, you also ensure that your world does not come to a standstill, just because one source of your capital has been hit hard, as you have other income generating sources to rely on.

Plan for your retirement fund
Most personal finance advisors swear by the importance of setting up a retirement fund.

By setting up a retirement fund, you put yourself on the path to financial security and independence in the future.

You do not necessarily have to invest a major part of your earnings in one go but a specific amount each month can provide you with tax benefits and ensure that you have a sizeable pot of money available come retirement time.

The retirement plan you choose should also take into account the nature of your business and your current lifestyle.

It is important to consult a reliable company for your retirement funds. Take the recent PPI scandal as an example.  Many well-known financial institutions have been implicated in the PPI scandal leading to billions of pounds worth of PPI refunds. Thus, carry out a background check of the institution before you receive the final paperwork.

Plan for an emergency fund
You may not meet your sales deadlines every quarter. In such situations an emergency fund can come in handy to keep your business’s cash flow running smoothly.

If you have a seasonal business then it is crucial to protect yourself from the lean months by having emergency funds in place. Regardless of the current financial position of your business, it is always important to anticipate potential business risks that could hamper your cash flow and equip yourself with a sizeable emergency pot.

Separate business expenses from personal
Initially, it might be difficult for you to segregate your personal expenses from business expenses but doing this will take you one step closer towards a secure financial future. Your business and personal life might be inter-linked but keep the finances separate.

The hallmark of a successful entrepreneur is in their ability to keep their finances separate and secured. Following are some benefits of keeping your personal and business expenses separate:

  • You do not have to go through extreme stress during tax season
  • Your business’s financial woes does not impact your personal finance
  • You do not face personal liability if something goes wrong with your business

One way to ensure this is by opening a separate account for your business and applying for a business credit card to handle all your business related expenses.

Stick to your budget and manage your expenses
Set a specific budget before you start spending any money. This will help you to control day-to-day expenses and set your priorities. But, you need to be careful and flexible when doing so, especially if you feel that the budgetary constraints that you have imposed is hampering your growth.

Track your monthly expenses and thereupon prepare a budget.

Keep a constant check on the interest rates
Observation is an important factor in the world of business. If you are a hands-on entrepreneur you may be aware about interest rates that is charged on any finance that you avail. If you notice that your current financial status does not allow you to accept a particular loan then its better to decline such offers.

If you have any loans to pay off, select an optimal payment option, one that does not affect your current finances significantly.

The same is applicable for credit card payments. This will enable you to pay off your personal and business debts smartly.

Build and trace your credit score
Supervising your credit score is essential for your personal as well as business finances. Your personal credit score has an impact on your business finances. Sometimes, financial institutions trace your personal credit score before associating with you.

Wondering why your personal credit score has an impact on your business?
A huge corporation would have several responsible employees like a CEO, co-founder, etc. working for the firm. On the other hand, a small firm has limited working staff and lacks stability.

Besides, a small business has lesser ability to pay off debts quickly. This is why all financial institutions check your personal credit score as it gives them an insight about how you manage your personal debts and finances.

Good borrowing behaviour and credit accounts help you to build a good and trust-worthy image which eventually strengthens your business image.

Lastly, as a sole proprietor you may have to put additional efforts as you are solely responsible for looking after aspects of your business. But being smart with finance right from your initial days will work for you in the future.

Quirky Ways To Save Money For A Trip

Planning for a trip is never as easy as it sounds. If you want to plan a decent trip and have the best possible experience, you need to have enough funds to sponsor your travel and the experience that follows.For this to happen, you need to sort out your savings first. If you have a tendency of spending your money as soon as you earn it, it will be difficult for you to finance your trip.

You need to save money to account for expenditures you will have to make during the trip. This is why you need enough savings to acquire money for funding your trip. Here are some of the quirkiest ways by which you can save money for your upcoming trip:

Having The Best Savings Plan
It is always good to have a decent savings plan when it comes to saving money for your trip. A good savings plan will generally involve five basic steps.First, there is the assessment phase. Compare your trip plan to the reality of your current financial situation. Make sure that it is feasible and you are not dreaming too big. Then, set your goals according to your objectives and realities. Your savings plans should comprise of both long-term and short-term goals.

After setting your goal, have a set plan for your savings. This savings plan should compliment all your goals and it should be in sync with your objectives. This could be done by cutting off unnecessary expenses, coming up with a strict spending budget or adding additional income to meet your goals.Next, you need to implement your plan and monitor the same for checking its efficiency.
You can also see if you have any mis-sold policies to add to your savings. If you have taken a loan from your financial institution in the past, there is a high chance of you being wrongly sold a policy, such as Payment Protection Insurance.

If you are into the investment market, you can also be mis-sold an investment. In such cases of mis-sold PPI and mis-sold investment, you can ask for a compensation that would ultimately add to your overall savings.

Commit To Your Travelling Dream
Before saving money for your trip, you should sit back and think about the core purpose of your trip. You should concentrate on the dream you have of travelling and the purpose behind it. You may want to be an explorer and explore the lesser known areas of the world. You may want to visit a certain part of the world and explore it. You may also want to travel the world and not leave any place unexplored.

Put a picture on your room’s wall or a map with strings and pins to mark the places you are committed to visit. Saving money can prove to be a slog, but anyone can do it if they are motivated to save and spend it wisely. Once you are sure about your commitment to your dream to travel, you can then reduce your expenditures in order to increase your savings.

Also, if you really want to increase your savings, you can simplify your life for a few days. Attend fewer parties. Eat simpler food and spend less on unnecessary luxuries.If you have older items with you that look good but are of little use to you, you can also sell them and add to your current savings. You can finally get rid of extra stuff and make money by selling the same. You need to get into the habit of frugality. If your needs and desires are taken care of, you don’t need to worry about anything else.

Assess Your Expenditures
If you are not keeping a track of your expenditures, your company treasury will drain out before you know it. It is extremely important to know how much money is going out of the system on a periodic basis. For this, it is advisable to maintain a spreadsheet listing out every single one of your daily expenditures. Organise the same in two columns: needs and wants.As time passes, start eliminating the wants and stick to the needs. You will see a positive change in your company’s savings.

Come Up With A Dedicated Travel Fund
If you are ignorant to the amount you are saving and want to have a record of every penny that you saved, open a separate travel fund with your bank. Opt for a new account specially dedicated to your travel desires. Add money into the account on a regular basis and try not touching the same when it comes to withdrawing money.Make it easy to transfer money from other accounts into this account and vice versa. Have enough flexibility and mobility in the account so that you are able to manage both the accounts smoothly.

Reduce or Eliminate Your Car Usage
In certain cities, it is almost impossible for people to live without a car, unless they live in the biggest of cities or if the commute distance is far too long.You can also acquire money by reducing the use of your car, or by simply selling it! As you reduce your car usage, you save a lot of money on fuel, which can be otherwise used for funding your trip.Car-pooling is another option worth considering. You not only save money, but also save the environment by using lesser fuel.

Bring Down Your Utility Bills
The simplest way of saving money is to reduce your regular utility bills. Put on your favourite sweatshirt and keep the heat in your living room low. Open windows to let the fresh breeze in and use less air conditioning.

This is the area where you can save as much as you want without depriving yourself of anything. You can avail the same facilities at lower cost (and a little compromise), while saving the extra money to fund your dream trip.

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Top 10 Points To Know Before You Choose Web Development Company

Before building a web application or website for a business, firstly, we should have to ask the question our self that why we need to have a website? Is it meeting our business perspective? or able to compete with other business websites? No one really gets on to all these questions but we can’t neglect it if we want to have a website which can earn for us.

Therefore, we are going to help you out with some of the tips that will answer you how, why to choose the “best web development company”?

Tips for Web Development Company

1. The Desired Outcomes:

The foremost thing that creeps up in the mind is what you want the website to achieve for the company i.e. your specific need and requirements and the main motive. This helps to frame and design better for effective results.

2. The Market Survey:

The other notable thing is a proper market survey for the most viable website development company providing best solutions in a cost and time efficient ways without compromising the quality.

3. Experience and Service:

Next step becomes inevitable after choosing the website company is the experience and service it has catered to the clients and whether the company presents a professional image. It becomes easy to make the right decision, after analyzing the websites of other proficient clients.

4. Improved Customer Service:

It’s easy to have a website but the one that stands tall is which provides good customer service, easy and better solutions. Since website building and maintenance is not a time-consuming affair and we need websites development company’s services over a longer period of time, therefore customer service becomes all the more important.

5. Company’s own site:

The Company’s website paves a way lot in the type of efforts which are put in portfolio and performance. If the website attracts and fulfils your purpose then you can stay on.

6. Website’s code:

Some web development companies keep the code and website structure, therefore, the client is not able to make small changes and has to approach the company for any substantial changes. When new technologies to take web portal development a step ahead to keep the codes, they will generally be able to make any changes quickly, lessening your workload. However, if you own the code, you will be able to do whatever you want your website to do − though it may increase your IT department’s tasks.

7. Programmers and designers involvement:

Website programming and website design are two different tasks altogether. Since one company has the good record in the former, does not mean they will keep the same as before. The ideal or best web development companies will have both programmers and designers working on every project.

8. Web Hosting:

The last point to ponder is whether the Web development company hosts the website it develops. The notable points here are about any downtime occurrences, protections against hackers and viruses and website backup.

9. Communicate with developers:

The other object is to know whether the company provides access to speak or interact with the specific person (or team) who will be writing the code, and direct communication is preferable so nothing gets lost in the digital translation.

10. Portfolio:

A portfolio record is the view of the web development company’s success. The company’s portfolio should be on original projects, each meeting the unique needs of the individual client and client’s feedback ranging from first to last.

These top tips are not just the end of your search. If you want the best app development services and get more benefits then you need to do a beneficial search in this area to find out “the best web development company” with whom you can proceed. Do not go by cheaper rates since the firm may offer you low quality services. Do some research to find the company that can deliver as per the needs of your business.