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5 Practical Ways to Put Outfits Together

Putting outfits together can be such a hassle and a tumult, most especially in the morning when you are getting ready to go to work or school. But it doesn’t have to take plenty of hours or get a well-known stylist to look chic. Most of the time, you can easily do it by keeping a couple of key items in your wardrobe that you can take in a time of sartorial panic. Putting outfits together is as easy as 1-2-3. If you don’t know what to wear for the day or what type of accessories to add, don’t give up that instant. Keep in mind that there are a lot of ways for which you can master the art of putting outfits together. So don’t be afraid because once you get the knack out of it, you’ll be putting or formulating tons of amazing, fun outfits altogether in no time. For a little help, listed below are five practical ways to put outfits together.

Buy Less, Choose Well: 5 Practical Ways to Put Outfits Together

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Arrange your Wardrobe
More often than not, we don’t know what are we going to wear or how to get outfits altogether. That said, maybe it’s time to systematize or organize your closet. By doing so, it’ll be much easier to look for certain garments you want to wear, or you want to put together. In the process of organizing, you’ll certainly find some clothes that are not useful or clothes you rarely use. If you find some, get rid of them. There’s no point of keeping or saving these when you almost never wear them.

Once removed, you’ll have more space for the clothes that you’ll wear. As a rule of thumb, clean your closet every six months. If you can’t throw or dispose of some of your things, put them in closed storage or give them to your friends or charity. When organizing your wardrobe, be sure that you’ll have, without difficulty, access to your stuff. You can opt to organize or arrange your clothes by item. Meaning, all the sweaters go together, all shirts go together, and so on. Another way is to organize them by color. It’s still a win-win condition for you.

Arrange your Wardrobe

Invest for Essential Tops
To successfully put outfits together, be sure to invest or have some essential tops. For sure, you’ll need several essential tops which can be the structure of your wardrobe. These essential pieces should be trend-proof and versatile. Keep in mind that it’s best if you invest in neutral colors such as navy blue, black, white, and ivory because you can put them all together easily. It’s also wise to go for classic designs and styles than to follow every trend. Be sure to have some casual tops like camisoles, short and long sleeve shirts, and tank tops. Go for high-quality pieces and simple colors. Aside from that, invest for a couple of dressy blouses because you can wear them with blazers and can give power or class to your outfit. Don’t forget to add some pullovers in neutral shades, button-down cardigans, and sweaters that’ll work well with your blouses and tops. Invest in good-quality jackets like a neutral peacoat, black leather jacket, a blazer, and a trench coat as well.

Invest for Essential Bottoms
Aside from investing for essential tops, it’s of the utmost importance to have some basic bottoms because they’re the basis of what type of top you’re going to wear. Again, opt for neutral styles and colors that will never change through time. Be sure to buy several pairs of jeans that you can wear everywhere and at any occasion. Go for boot or straight-cut jeans in dark blue. They’ll work perfectly with heels or pumps whenever you want to look casual. Also, make sure to have several skirts for your casual needs. It’ll look great with boots or pumps as well. When it comes to dresses, be sure to have some neutral ones because they can look good on any day. Have at least one black dress with you because it’s a closet staple.

Collect Good-quality Accessories
Accessories can, without a doubt, add a distinct feature to your wardrobe without overpowering you. Handbags, jewelry, belts, hosiery, and scarves are best in neutral shades as well as brighter, funkier styles. For example, a vibrant scarf matched with fitted jeans and black shirt can be an easy but fun outfit. As such, you don’t have to spend too much because you’ll still look stylish and great with such simple additions.

Buy Versatile Shoes
Shoes are an important part of any outfit because they can either make or break your overall look. Thus, you’ll need a couple of pairs of shoes in different colors, styles, and designs so that it’ll be easier to put outfits together. Keep in mind that different pieces of clothes go better with different shoes. Also, when choosing a shoe color, steer clear form light colored ones because they get dirty easily. Invest in a pair of boots, high heels, flats, and casual sneakers. Because by then, you won’t have to worry about what shoes to wear for this or that outfit.

Indeed, it can be sometimes hard and a challenge to know what clothing pieces to put together. It’s perhaps one of the biggest dilemmas of most girls out there - creating the perfect outfit every day. Yes, it can be time-consuming and such a hassle to get outfits together, but when you have the key pieces in your wardrobe, you’ll never have the same problem again.

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