Thursday, April 19, 2018

How Diesel Engine Is Different From Petrol Engine!

Petrol and diesel engines are two distinct commonly used internal combustion engines. Diesel engine parts manufacturers will explain major differences between these two engines, even if their operation seems similar.

Basic operability of 4 stroke engine

Before commencing the main topic, experts will explain the basic operation of a 4 stroke I.C. engine. Both engines have the same basic 4 strokes- intake, power, compression, and exhaust. During the intake stroke, fresh air is grabbed in to the cylinder. This air is compressed with the compression strokes and hot gas is produced. This hot gas burns the fuel and the power stroke happens next. You should know that the power stroke is the only stroke where the piston absorbs fuel energy. The last stroke exhaust is used to eject the burn gas to the environment.

Diesel Engine vs Petrol Engine

All four strokes are common in diesel and petrol engine.

Both the engines are different from each other due to the difference between the ways they burn the fuels. Petrol engine runs on petrol, which is a volatile liquid and evaporates if left open. This is why it is mixed with air efficiently and a spark is enough to produce smooth combustion in a well pre-mixed petrol engine. Petrol has lower flash point, which is the minimum temperature required for a fuel to generate an instant combustible mixture.

But diesel is less volatile fuel, which is not mixed with air properly. Diesel fuel has high flash point value, but if you spray atomized diesel into high temperature air, spontaneous combustion will occur.

In petrol engine, the air and fuel need to be pre-mixed, while in diesel engine, mixing occurs only during the combustion. This is why diesel engines use a fuel injector while petrol engines depend on spark plug.

People do have misunderstanding about modern petrol engine. They believe that latest engine technology has a gasoline direct injection and the combustion occurs during the fuel injection process. This is not true, even for a direct injection engine; a spark plug is always required. The technology is a way to produce fine petrol-air mixture. It uses fuel injector instead of carburetor to mix air and fuel. This technology sprays the fuel accurately and saves fuel.

So, if anyone asks you about difference between diesel engine and petrol engine, you will be able to answer them. Diesel engine parts manufacturers have shared major differences between these two engines. For more updates, keep looking at this space.

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