Thursday, April 19, 2018

How Indian Fruit Juice industry has been flourishing

Like people from any other part of the globe, Indians also have been consuming fruit juices for centuries now. With plethora of fruit orchard cultivations across various parts of the country, India has always been blessed with variety of fruits for people to consume seasonally. However, unlike before, where people had a lot of choice to pick their favorite fruits, buy and consume them, a lot of the fruit orchard owners are now exporting their cultivations to different countries that have a greater demand for such cultivations and also pay best prices for the exported fruits.

In the recent times, a lot of new packaged Indian fruit drinks exporters have been doing great in the market. These are extracted juices from naturally cultivated fruits that are packaged following several quality checks and released into the market for people to relish their taste buds when the unexpected craving for fruits bumps in. The Indian fruit juice industry has taken giant strides in the recent years with several players entering into the sphere, pushing the industry value to over $200 million according to the statistics.

Fruit Juice industry

With three segments respectively named fruit drinks, fruit juices and nectar drinks, the Indian fruit juice industry has been in equal stage with the cold drinks that have been ruling the market for several decades. Also, since the fruit juices are much healthier as compared to the colas, people have started preferring this post health consciousness spreading among people across the globe.

Now, packaged fruit juices that are available in the market are truly cent per cent natural concentrated fruit extractions that are gradually spreading to the bigger spaces of the market in the country. With about 30% of the total share of drinks, the fruit juices industry is giving a tough competition to the cold beverages sector that has always been ruled by the bigger brands.

Increased awareness about healthy lifestyle and healthy eating has led people to choose anything that are better among the available food or beverages for consumption. With health problems rising and India becoming one of the prime countries which have excessive amount of people with diabetes, choosing close to natural means is what people are aiming at.

The Indian fruit juice industry has relatively grown to be one of the most flourishing sectors also in the global arena, for the manufacturers are grabbing the interest of the consumers with creative promotional techniques and of course with excellent quality mechanisms. With close to 100% natural fruit extracts and hygienic production and packaging methods, the fruit juices makers are thoroughly attracting consumers who crave for real fruit tastes that are almost unavailable to them in real form due to carbide-ripened fruits making rounds in the rounds.

Also, by describing the content in a detailed manner through commercial ads and also by adding to the improvisation of lifestyles and healthy living, the fruit juices manufacturers are truly making big in the local as well as the global market. Natural fruit juices are now available at any nearby supermarket just for reasonable costs, which is appreciable!

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