Thursday, April 19, 2018

How To Create Your Bespoke Designer Party Wear Saree

While western outfits are still mostly preferred by women at workplace due to many reasons like tying a 6 yard saree in the morning seems a difficult task to them, handling at work especially during meetings can be difficult and so on. But this perception is slowly changing and more women are now opting designer partyware sarees in India. They have started creating customize designs to make the saree more interesting and unique.

It is true that there is a lot of western influence over traditions in India and so, the perception of the people is changing. Do you know? You can paint your own saree and make it looks like designer piece. Let’s learn how to do it.

Bespoke Designer Party Wear Saree

Step 1
Wash the cloth you want to turn into your saree. Let it dry and iron.

Step 2
Choose the side that you want to paint.

Step 3
Clamp the side you select to the wooden board with the help of binder clips

Step 4
Mark out the border along the length of the cloth. Make sure its width should be approx 12cm.

Step 5
With the help of 3D outliner, draw the pattern you wish to have on the saree. Draw it on the inner and outer side.

Step 6
Let it dry

Step 7
Paint the central region with fabric paints and design your choice of patterns

Step 8
Let the paint dry. Once it dries, you can use sequins and beads to make the saree beautiful. Paste them at the empty spaces with the fabric glue. Make sure you stick them at even distances so that they shine in similar way.

Step 9
When your paint dries, you can start outlining the painted patterns with the help of 3D outliner. We advise you to pick a color that contrasts well with both the pattern color and fabric color.

Step 10
Let the outliner dry

Step 11
Shift the saree to following part and repeat the steps until you paint on one side of the saree.

Step 12
If you have a design in your mind for pallu, make it happen. Pick a rich pattern and decorate it with fabric paint and sequins.

Step 13
Stitch beads to the outer side of the pallu to give a rich look. It will also help the pallu to stay in place. This is optional step to perform.

This is how exclusive designer party ware sarees in India are prepared. You can make it at your place if you are good in art and drawing. Make amazing patterns with blocks.

Kindly share your thoughts with us regarding this post. Will you try this DIY project? Don’t forget to feedback once you get your exclusive designer ware saree. Or else contact New India Fashion and avail the designer collection at reasonable rates. They are dealing in premium range of sarees and salwar suits across the globe. Get in touch with them and share your requirement.

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