Friday, April 20, 2018

How You Should Use Digital Wall Tiles For Interior Decoration!

One of the recent trends in wall tiles today is the increasing use of digital tiles. Usually made of ceramic, digital wall tiles have emerged as firm favorites because these tiles are remarkably adaptable. These can be designed according to almost any pattern. This may be a little more expensive than the common ceramic tiles, but their exclusivity and finish alone makes up for that. In addition, these are much less expensive than other tile alternatives.

So, why are digital wall tiles so popular? It is not just their relative cost-effectiveness that makes them popular. Digital tiles also have a number of other positive attributes. These are:

Digital Wall Tiles

Digital tiles offer all the advantages of the material that is used. Since, manufacturers typically use the best material, often high quality ceramic, the tiles offer all the advantages of ceramics. These tiles are resistant to moisture and heat. They are also waterproof. This makes them ideal in high wear and tear areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Digital tiles are manufactured by producing a given design or pattern on a tile. We use technology to replicate a design on the surface of the tile. This makes the tiles extremely customized. One can literally design the tiles according to any given requirements.

Alternative to designer tiles:
Designer tiles that stand out because of a coveted a pattern or design, are considered one of the most luxurious items in the tile industry. Many enterprising home owners have used the digital technology to replicate the same designs, at almost the fraction of the cost! While it may not carry the exclusivity promised by a designer tiles or the stamp, it does offer a more affordable option. In fact, many firms now offer ‘designer’ range, which are digital tiles!

Tips on using digital wall tiles:
If you are wondering how you can fully benefit from digital tiles, the trick lies in using their customization. If you cannot get customized tiles, there is a really wide selection available in the market today and use can find almost anything you are looking for:

Using mosaic patterns
Mosaics have always been one of the interesting patterns in tile making. What is essentially an art that dates back centuries can now be replicated using designer tiles. Mosaic tiles can be used in myriad patterns. Their novelty and uniqueness is enough to make them stand out by themselves. You can use them at the entrance of your home, the lobby of an institutional space, by the pool — anywhere you want a unique art placement!

Using colored patterns:
Colors can make interesting patterns. Using different colored tiles to create the same patterns can become tricky since one has to replicate the patterns using tiles from different batches and then put them exactly as per the design. With digital wall tiles India, this pattern can be replicated before it is put on the wall, making the transition easier.

Bringing artwork:
Beautiful artwork is always a coveted piece, something that is meant to wow. But it is also un-affordable for the average home owner. Digital wall tiles give us an affordable alternative. You can use them to create beautiful artwork, including patterns that resemble carvings and paintings.

Adapting decor style:
Tiles can be used to enhance any given decor style and digital tiles saves us from the hassle of looking for the right one. You can literally pick anything that goes with the style you are looking for. For instance, for retro-style decor, you can use bold geometric patterns, for a moorish style home, go for mosaics. You can also make your own unique choices, such as using monochromes with different patterns on a single wall.

Replicate stone finish:
Stone tiles give a warm and elegant appearance. These are often considered to fall in the luxury bracket. Unfortunately, they also come with the corresponding price tag. Luckily digital tiles can be used to recreate a wide range of stone tiles — from marbles to travertine. Technology has reached a point where we can even replicate their unique texture! In short, you can have the same effect as stone tiles in your home at half the cost.

Digital wall tiles is being used in many ways from replicating artwork to creating customized interior decors.

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