Thursday, May 17, 2018

Creating A Feature Wall With Vinyl Flooring

There’s no such thing as one “perfect” home for everyone. People have different opinions on their home décor, whether they prefer bold colors and modern design or those that are more classic. As a result, there are many different “perfect” homes, depending on your overall tastes. With that said, most people agree on one thing – that vinyl wood flooring from Dallas Flooring Store can be used on more than your floors. It also makes a nice feature wall as well.

Turning Vinyl Flooring Into Wall Coverings Wood flooring feature walls are a great alternative to things like paint and wallpaper. No matter your overall décor style, you can make one of these walls work in your home. It all comes down to the color of the wood and the room that you place it in. These walls look great in everything from hallways to mudrooms, and from bedrooms to dining rooms. For example, vinyl oak flooring works well on the walls in a modernized kitchen, as long as that flooring matches what’s actually on the floor. Everything needs to tie in together for this to work. While you could achieve this look with a textured paint wall or with grained wood wallpaper, those two options just don’t look the same. Instead, you should actually apply the wood flooring to your wall. The wood is much more visually pleasing, and it adds another dimension to the space. On top of this, it’s much easier to clean than a painted or wallpapered wall. It even adds some insulation to the room.

Wood Flooring On A Wall Make The Room Look Bigger

Not only does a vinyl wood accent wall look nice, but it can make the room look much bigger than it is. How does this work? Well, the wood on the wall extends the flooring and creates a wraparound effect. When both seamlessly blend together, it tricks the eye into thinking the room is larger. Of course, you do need to place the wood on the wall correctly for this to work. If the wooden planking from Dallas Flooring Store is horizontal and parallel to the floorboards, the room will look wider. In order to enhance the length, you’ll need to place it vertically so that it extends the floorboards. It all depends on how you want the room to look.

Place the Wood off Center to Create an Interesting Effect

Did you know that you don’t need to place the wood in the center of the wall? This is one of the myths of accent wall installation. Since you’re creating a true “accent” feel free to attach the wood at an angle or just on the part of the wall. Yes, you don’t need to cover the entire wall, either. The entire point of this installation is to make that wall stand out. Since you’ll run into walls that aren’t quite perfectly square, feel free to experiment a bit to see how these interesting effects would work.

As you can see, vinyl wood flooring makes a nice accent wall. It works in many different homes and can compliment any décor.

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