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Get Smart Interiors For Your House Wall with Digital Wall Tiles

Gone are the days when you would paint your walls with monochrome shades that would make your rooms appear brighter! The growing digitalisation has impacted the interior designs, the pattern and tastes which is nowadays more sleek yet vibrant owing to the lessening space availability in the modern day flats and apartments.

Ceramic tiles have been quite popular in the recent years however it has also seen the light of technology and digitalisation. The digital wall tiles are gradually taking up the market. Initially ceramic tiles would be used to decorate bathrooms and kitchens but nowadays these are also incorporated in the walls of the living and dining rooms in domestic spaces and also used to deck up commercial and corporate houses.

Digital Wall Tiles

So contact one of the leading digital wall tiles manufacturers for the exclusive designs along withthe quality tested products for your domestic or commercial space. If you are planning to deck up your home or commercial space with digital tiles, check the below details:

Manufacturing Process
The chemical components- silica, quartz and feldspar are added in different quantities and mixed with clay. This concoction is then churned with kiln and the mixture is made to passvia high voltage, as a result of which the semi liquid type mixture hardens and solidifies. The solid structure is then carved out into small boxes of standard sizes with the help of machines.

This is how the ceramic tiles are actually born! Now, for making them digital, the different patterns and designs are imprinted on these ceramic tiles with the help of printer. You may also choose to get your walls designed by clubbing several wall tiles together, which brings forth a 3D or HD finish and precision.

Remember all the digital tiles must go through the complete process so that the quality and the goodness of the chemical of silica, quartz and clay are retained to produce the ultimate desirable effect which will also be durable. So consult the leading digital wall tiles manufacturers only so that you are guaranteed in terms of the quality.

With digital tiles you can convert your walls to a mountainous landscape or a deep under water ecosystem with under water species or staircases going down the floor or even chess boards. Rather than a single tile holding a particular design, digital tiles enhance the look when many solid blocks are arranged to bring forth a particular image or pattern over quite a long stretch in the walls. As a result of which not only the room appears bigger but also the design or picture is portrayed with detail and prominence.

Digital Vs Marble
The digitals tiles are quite versatile. You think of any design or picture and your manufacturer can get it imprinted. But only the leading digital wall tiles manufacturer will be able to provide the perfect precision and finish. It is important to ensure that the details, colouring, shades, contouring and precision is carefully done to provide the most realistic and desired 3D or HD effect. With marble tiles, only the monochrome or unidentified patterns are generally available.

Consult the leading digital wall tiles manufacturer to ensure you receive the necessary guidance to choose the design and also certified products which will stand the test of time.

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