Embrace The Darkness With These Dark Bathroom Ideas

dark bathroom ideas

There was a time when bright colours were all the rage, especially when it came to designing a bathroom, as everyone was able to connect with them. But, we are so thankful that the trend has finally come to an end.

As we all know, time is always against everyone, so it comes as no surprise that it has worked against these colours as well. No doubt the bright colours did the best they could; but if you are bored seeing those around you, then let us guide you to the other side…the dark side!

We know you are not sure whether it is right for you or not, but what we know for sure is that you are bored seeing those bright colours… So, if you are finally sold on the idea of joining the other side and embrace the darkness within, read along these dark bathroom ideas given below:

Begin with walls
First and foremost, make a decision on the kind of material you’d like to use in your bathroom to create that moody background. Since walls end up taking most of our attraction in a bathroom, it becomes necessary that you get a fantastic background for them. There are many options like ceramic tiles or porcelain, dark marble or grey sheets of glass, which you can use rather than painting your walls with a dark colour. One thing you should make note of is when you are using a dark colour it becomes very crucial to put in some texture, such as textured paint or wooden walls to create shadows.

Keep it a little light
Sometimes it may happen that a dark bathroom may make the space look less pleasing to the eye. That being said, it’s better that you choose colours for your bathroom beforehand and take into consideration the rest of the colours in house. Ask yourself as to what look does your house have; is it warm or cold? If your house has warm look, then go for grey with a brownish/warm tint, but if it is on the colder side, then go for grey with softer hues. To make your bathroom look more attractive, add in some floating shelves with different hues of grey.

Bring in the contrast
If you were wondering what is the factor that pulls us to darkness…it is contrast. This is the reason why black bathrooms look so dramatic! To keep things balanced, pull in some sleek white which will stand out in the dark and make that white sink noticeable against a black wall. An all black bathroom will become too boring; so the best way to have fun while being dark is to add something that counteracts. To master the darker side, you must keep things like tub, sink and other fixtures white. Remember, the dark walls will absorb light, so these will bring the light back in case you go too dark.

Shine it up
After you are done adding whites, it is time you keep a shining amulet with you that will help reflect light and prevent you from going completely dark. It doesn’t matter what the things are made up of as long as they are shiny and add some bling to your light absorbing bathroom. We know that you already have a good shiny towel radiator in your bathroom, but to make it all the more luxurious you can add some shiny utensils, a statement mirror and other metallic elements.

Don’t lose your marbles
Carbonate mineral has so much power that they can turn anything into a classic timeless design. Adding some dark black marble to your bathroom will raise the ambience of your bathroom to a whole new level. But, we would like to tell you that this good evil comes at a cost and mind you, a hefty one. So go ahead with it only if your budget permits you.

Tile it up
When it comes to tile(s), go dark!  Wasn’t this the part that you were eagerly waiting for? If you are trying to find solace in darkness, your best option will be going black completely from floor to ceiling, as it will help your bathroom withstand the ravages of time. With a dark colour of your choice, tile up all four walls of the bathroom, but don’t forget to add some white fixtures and fittings to balance it all out.

We hope the dark ideas given above have finally awakened the devil resting inside you and you’re all set to embrace the darkness for its good side. After all…isn’t it good to be bad?

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