Different Types of Ceiling, Plaster of Paris in India

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These days it has been very common to have a fancy ceiling whether it comes to a house, restaurants, & hotels and for offices as well. This comes in different varieties and makes the room look really pretty. To define what is false ceiling it is constructed on the ceiling wall in a room in unique and different formats which gives a beautiful appearance to the room apart from joomers on the false ceiling.

In the earlier time, the only thing that most places had was placed in the ceiling is Joomer which made the roof of the room look beautiful. There are many options in relation to the false ceiling as ceiling could be made of different material and different varieties.

False ceiling made of Gypsum
They come in the shape of square boards that are hung with the help of a framework which is made up of iron. The finish work on these boards will be through paints, wallpaper and textured finish will give a very pleasant look.

Ceiling made up of plaster of Paris
Majority of people prefer plaster of Paris for making the false ceiling. When gypsum is heating for certain degree then plaster of Paris is obtained. The plaster of Paris manufacturers are in great demand as these ceiling are very attractive, have a long lifespan and are an excellent insulator of heat and cold which makes POP manufactures in India profitable.

Fibre False ceiling
This type of ceiling is very high in demand because of low, cost and easy installation. The material used for making this ceiling is low cost as manpower is required for making this in different shapes and sizes.

False ceiling made up of wooden
People who prefer natural texture in their room go for false ceiling this gives a pleasant feeling to the eyes. In comparison to another ceiling, the cost of this ceiling is the bit higher usually used in mall, hospitals and other residential constructions. These have a various type of finishes given to them and also they use paints according to individual preferences. These being costly they also have few disadvantages that these are prone to thermite attack, wraping etc which are not so good for the ceiling and may have to renovate at a later point in time.

Glass false ceiling
This has the non crystalline material with the properties of brittle and transparent. Glass is considered to be a good insulator of heat.

Metal ceiling
This type of ceiling is considered to be hard and durable. When we polish the metal surface of the room it gives a shiny surface that treats your eye.

There are many other types false ceiling which available in the market and many advanced things which available in the market and many other varieties which are available in the market.

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