Know The Do’s and Don’ts of Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Getting pet insurance and finding the best pet insurance online are a responsible that a pet owner like you can do. This is especially important if you cannot afford to pay a hefty veterinary bill in case of a medical emergency. But, sometimes insurance can be tricky and it may not be easy for you to determine what exactly you need from a policy. Read on to know the dos and don’ts when it comes to insuring your beloved pet.

Do: Check Your Pet’s Policy Coverage
A number of insurance companies will not cover dogs they deem high risk or dangerous like Rottweilers and Pitbulls. Maybe you believe your dog will never hurt anyone; however, insurance policies are worried if your pooch will insure somebody and they need to pay out. Before you commit to a policy, make sure that you carefully check your dog is not one of those excluded in the company’s terms and conditions.

Do: Buy Insurance Right Away
In case you own a pet with pre-existing medical conditions know that your new policy will not cover these. Thus, you need to insure your pet as soon as possible while it is still young to guarantee full coverage. Also, older dogs are more expensive to insure than younger dogs.

Do: Find Clauses in the Small Print
A number of pet insurance policies have specific clauses which are likely to invalidate your policy. For example, your pet might need to be updated with all his jabs and need to be annually checked to have its policy validated. Usually, if you wish the pet to be get dental treatment coverage, it needs to have an annual teeth exam carried out by a vet.

Don’t: Lie about some Details
In case your pet has some medical history, avoid telling some white lies on the application forms. Before making claims in the future, your insurance provider will request you to provide a full vet history and in case they find out you fabricated your application’s details, they will not pay out for your pet’s treatment.

Don’t: Ignore the Deductible
As with people’s health insurance, pet insurance policies come with deductibles. These are amounts you need to pay before the pet insurance takes into effect. For instance, you have a $50 deductible and a $75 veterinary bill, you need to spend $50 and the insurance company pays the rest. Ensure that you have a budget for this and pick a pet policy that comes with a deductible you can afford.

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