Easy Recipes for Soups and Salads

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Soups and salads are essential part of a healthy diet as we all know. To get thinner waistline and a fit body there is no better alternative than vegetable soups and salads. Cooked or raw consumed in any form fresh vegetables purify blood and make your skin clear and supple as they are rich in vitamins.

If you are not sure about how to spice up health food while keeping its nutritional values intact look for free recipes on the web. From Moroccan vegetable soup to Greek Tofu Salad there are hundreds of ways to cook vegetables.

Vegetable Soups
A bowl of steamy soup is a must in winter. Soups rich in vitamin and vegetable protein provide our body the strength required to fight against cold. Try some easy soup recipes to add a new dimension to your regular diet. Ideal as starter, main course and side dish alike these easy to prepare soups can be enjoyed as it is or in a customized way.

There are hundreds of ways you can serve tomato soup. Rich in vegetables Moroccan Vegetable Soup can be made tastier with chunks of beef or lamb and pasta added to it. Seasonal vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower added in potato broth can dish up as an alternative. Tomato and pasta lend Italian flavor to it.

Apart from soups salads also make savory side dishes while ensuring a balanced diet.

Avocado Salads
Its rich buttery taste and high-protein content make Avocado ideal substitute for meat. Include healthy Avocado salad in your daily diet. Try leafy green Avocado Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette or sliced ripe avocado in freshly squeezed orange juice to fulfill your vitamin needs. For parties and occasions you can try healthy recipes such as Avocado, Shrimp or Grapefruit Salad or Layered Shrimp Corn and Pea Salad to impress your guests.

Mediterranean Salads
Easy to prepare Greek Tofu Salad adds Mediterranean flavor to your meal. Seasoned with feta, olive, lemon and onion this Greek salad ensures low cholesterol and keeps your heart strong. You can customize it with cucumber, lettuce and chopped tomatoes and serve it as a main dish.

Feta cheese mixed with chickpeas and chopped cucumber, onion and tomato can make a delicious side dish to be relished with Creamy Dill Ranch or spicy vinaigrette. It takes only 10 minutes to prepare this low calorie, low cholesterol salad.

Potato and Carrot Salads
Potato and carrot are two common ingredients of our daily meal. Children are sure to love rich and creamy Roasted Garlic Potato Salad. Traditional potato salads are high in fat. To make it heart-healthy you can reduce fat level with non-fat yogurt and mayonnaise. Mix chopped California Ripe Olive and sliced pimientos with boiled red potatoes cut in cubes and flavor it with garlic.

Shredded carrots soaked in tangy lemon and seasoned with dill make a quick and easy health food that is tasty as well. Yummy blue cheese can make a fabulous garnishing for anti-oxidant rich carrot salad mixed with chopped spinach and boiled egg slices. While egg provides ample protein spinach and carrots keep calories in control.

So, track down some quick and easy recipes to try this winter. Modify them according to your taste and need and serve hot to see how it works.

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