Stories Behind Evolution of French Fries

French Fries

When one talks about French fries the first thing that comes to one’s mind is the crispiness of it and the deliciousness of the dish. These are the deep fried potato fritters which have caught the fancy of food addicts for a long time.

Through centuries and across the continents; these French fires have made a special space in every human’s heart. This also acts as a perfect side kick to may delicious dishes. When one thinks of fries delivery; it can not only be French fries but it can accompany some other dishes like sandwiches or fish fries. Also one can enjoy only French fries. Dip it into a delicious sauce or mayonnaise and it tastes heavenly. That is why; it is an all time favourite snack of many people.

Now, there is a huge story behind this French fry. It can be many stories as well. The most common asked question is; why the name is French fry? Does it has its origin in France? Well, the answer is no here.

Many food historians claim that the French fry that is enjoyed today is not at all a French creation but it has its origin in Belgium. In the late 1600’s potatoes were fried in Belgium. The Belgian villagers used to slice their fish really thin and then fry them to eat them as a snack item. But during the winters, the river used to freeze and it became very difficult for the villagers to get fish at that season.

So they tried to find out an alternative which can serve as a winter snack. From here, the French fries were created. The villagers who used to live near the river Muese used to slice thin of potatoes just like the same way they did for fish flesh. And that way the earliest version of French fries were born. During the time of World War I, the American soldiers tasted this fried delicacy and then immediately fell in love with that. The dominating language spoken in southern Belgium is French and that is why; maybe they termed those potato thin fries as French fries.

But there is also another story that claims, French fries actually have a French origin. It was sold by street vendors in France during the 1780’s. These potato fritters were the most sold food item before the outbreak of French revolution. Potatoes were the means of sustenance for citizens wo could not enjoy the nobility. It was termed as the common man’s food.

According to the manuscript by President Thomas Jefferson written in early 19th century, potatoes were deep fried in thin slices. Historians claim that the recipe came from French chef, Honoré Julien. During 1850’s, the recipe became one of the most popular recipes in the popular American cook books as ‘French Fried Potatoes’. But then later pan fried potatoes also came into scene.

One can go for French fries online order or they can easily slice a potato into thin wafers and fry them.

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