6 Flower Tattoos Designs and Their Meaning

flower tattoos designs

Flower tattoos are common among females. Even traditionally, in the West, flower tattoos were associated with women. But now, you might find men wearing a rose tattoo or so. The meaning of flower tattoos varies from one culture to another. It would mean something else in Japanese tattoo art from Mexican tattoo art.

Let’s have a look at some common flower tattoos and their meaning:

Lotus is a representation of life, knowledge, understanding, and enlightenment. A lotus tattoo always has a deeper meaning. A lotus flower grows in muddy water, it symbolizes harmony and purity. It is a popular design among both men and women.

Cherry blossom
It is a common design in Japanese tattoo styling. The design is often depicted as falling petals carried by the wind. Cherry blossoms are very beautiful and delicate and their beauty fads away very quickly. Japanese take it as a metaphor for life that echoes their mortality.

It is another popular flower tattoo design. It is associated with the Japanese Emperor who sits on the Chrysanthemum throne. It is a representation of perfection and deity. It is also a symbol of longevity and joy. Chrysanthemum blooms in Autumn. It is a symbolic representation of life to death. In the Chinese culture, a chrysanthemum tattoo design is a representation of goodwill and long life.

Rose tattoos are largely seen in Eastern tattoo art. You will also see it in some traditional American tattoo cultures. It is a symbol of love and beauty. In some cultures, it is also a symbol of hope and balance.  Even the color of the rose holds a lot of significance since it adds more meaning to the tattoo. The thing about rose tattoos is that no matter where you get them, they look elegant.  Although roses are a symbol of love and passion, roses with thorns are often believed to have a darker meaning.

Orchids hold a variety of different meanings in different cultures. Japanese consider orchid flowertattoos as a symbol of bravery. In the Aztec culture, it was associated with power. In Chinese culture, orchids are tied to fertility and happiness. The thing about orchid flowers is that they are available in 25,000 different designs. These designs represent rare and delicate beauty. Women choose this design to showcase their femininity. You will see lots of tan and dark women wearing this design.

Lily is traced back to the ancient times. The Greeks used to believe that this flower sprang from the milk of their Queen of gods. Hence why it represents femininity. In some cultures, it is a symbol of purity and virtue.

In short, each flower tattoo design has its own meaning. They are not just limited to femininity and beauty.

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