Augmented Reality Is Here To Enhance Your Furniture Shopping Experience In No Time

Augmented Reality

We are living this the era of technology where numerous high-tech tech solutions are working for us to make our life easier and comfortable. One such technology is the Augmented Reality. This is such a masterpiece; almost every industry is leveraging the benefits of AR to make their services or products better and more user-friendly.

Now do your furniture shopping with augmented reality in just a few clicks!!

Yes, you read that right, you will be able to purchase the perfect furniture for your place in just a few clicks and let us tell you a little secret that you will not make any mistake while selecting (husbands can impress their wives by this technology, just kidding). If you are thinking about how this will work, then read this blog till the end to know more about this interesting tech initiative.

Before diving straight into this concept, let us explain you in a very brief about how AR works and what exactly you need to shop the furniture using this:

What is Augmented Reality?

The AR is the coolest technology which allows us to see 2d images in the real world in a 3d format by superimposing the image in three-dimension format. Remember the game Pokemon Go? this is the perfect example of augmented reality where you use your phone’s camera to see the characters in the real 3d world. We can say that it adds multiple virtual layers of information in the form of images to our real physical life.

The use of augmented reality in the furniture industry

As the world is moving towards a modern and minimalistic approach, the furniture manufacturers are pushing their limits to bring something innovative to attract more customers towards their brand. One of the major issues we all face while selecting new furniture for your place is that “Will this new furniture look good at our place and will it fit perfectly?”

To solve this biggest dilemma, the movable brands are emulsifying the AR technology in their marketing strategy. They are helping us to choose the perfect furniture just by using our smartphones in a no-nonsense creative way.

There are many special software are available from which you can project whatever you need. By using such software, the companies are allowing the customers to open their smartphone’s camera, point it towards the place where the furniture will come and this app will project the 3d image of objects so that the people can easily decide what they want.

If you are already started doing the imagination of this technology, let us tell you this is the future of augmented reality technology for furniture industry which you will sell often in just a couple of years from now.

Let us have a quick look, what you can do with this:

Fall in love with new sofas but you are in a doubt:

Just imagine, you walked into the furniture store and your attention is caught by a stunning sofa set which you have never seen before and you decide to buy it. As soon as it reaches your place, your heart breaks into pieces because it doesn’t fit well in your place and replacing that sofa set is the only option you can take.

Not just sofas, there are numerous furniture items. To solve this problem, you just need to open the augmented reality application on your smartphone and scan your place with that app. As soon as it analyses the place’s coordinates, it can give you life-saving suggestions regarding movables by projecting 3d images to that particular place.

The sky is the limit for customization:

When you can project the furniture pieces right at your place, you can get the level best customization using the AR. You can try the different sizes, choose numerous vibrant colours, select the texture, and what not to decorate your home like no another. If you are not getting something through the app, the algorithm itself suggest you some amazing customization options which you can get it from manufacturer custom-made just for you.

Carry your virtual home setup anywhere you want:

The augmented reality for furniture is appearing to be a boon for the manufacturers. They now have tons of smart marketing campaigns to attract customers and upsell the products. Companies are giving the free app to their customer, where they can save their virtual home setup on their smartphone and view it whenever they want. This is not only giving the ultimate ease to customers but they are also promoting their products without doing much hard work.

Shop in no time with augmented reality:

If we compare the current shopping experience with the previous one, there is a significant difference. Earlier, where the customer needed to take the dimension measures manually which was is an erroneous method, this modern method is just flawless. You don’t need to do anything by yourself, just on your smartphone camera, try a few designs and bring home the most beautiful looking movables in an hour or less.

Augmented reality home design feature for you:

It’s not only about the furniture pieces for your home sweet home. Nowadays, the architects and interior designers are using the full potential of AR-based applications to suggest the best in class interior designs for the houses. Just by scanning the place, you will get a ton of exciting designs which are one of it’s kind and unique in themselves.

From giant corporate offices to posh villas, everyone is choosing this modern technology over the traditional practices because of obvious reasons. In the upcoming time, this will be the most commonly used technology in every industrial domain including education, automobile, fashion or travel business. The easiness and convenience of AR are taking every niche by it’s powerful and dominating practical daily life applications.

Planning to upgrade your old furniture?

After reading this piece, we know you have started planning about the brand new movables set for your home. Try AR applications to decorate your place with the perfect suiting furniture in no time. Visit your nearest modern home decor store and they will guide you more about this and help you out in choosing the best set for your place.

The scope of AR is not just bottle-neck to these applications, there are a plethora of things you can do with this breathtaking technology. If things like these set your curiosity on fire, you should definitely check out Zeal 3d Printing Services Australia, they offer interesting technologies for your every requirement.

Author Bio: Kiran Hurkadli is the director of Zeal 3D Printing. He is offering Augmented Reality Service along with 3d printing service. He has earned good success in the 3d printing industry for his unique and custom designs for his clients.

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