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Identity Verification

Identity verification service provides the perfect opportunity for businesses that are looking to incorporate reliable fraud prevention measures into their business practices. With a major hike in online identity thefts and increasing numbers of online scams, KYC verification remains to be the ultimate line of defense for businesses around the globe.

With the help of a reliable and technologically sound KYC software, companies can secure their online assets and build trustworthy relationship with their customers. It is important that businesses understand that without integrating a fast and efficient KYC Software, they are going to lose a lot of business to a competitor that values identity verification service.

More importantly, identity verification services are not just another business overhead but it is something that helps you solve the headache of other businesses overheads. So here is a summary of things that can be effortlessly done with the help of identity verification services.

Regulatory Compliance
Governments are asking businesses to collect reliable information about their customers. This helps establish a uniform proof of income as well as helps authorities to track the spending prowess of common citizens. Credentials collected for KYC verification can enable companies and businesses to collect reliable and verified information about their customers, reducing the risk of being slapped huge monetary fines by financial regulators.

Reduced chargeback requests
Identity theft has cost billions of dollars to businesses in the past few years. Many times a day, a business receives a request from customers claiming to be a victim of identity theft and being charged for services or products that they never ordered. In some cases – mostly in e-commerce industry – customers claim that they never received their ordered items on their official address.

All these hassles of customer support can easily be handled with the help of identity verification services. A tech-savvy KYC verification software can collect and verify client credentials at the time of placement of an order or even before that, at the time of customer registration. Services like Address Verification, Document verification or even Biometric consent verification can be used to ensure that your business has a minimum amount of loss in case of any online fraud or identity theft claim.

AML Compliances
There are several identity verification services available that also offer AML Compliance solutions. KYC verification products like Shufti Pro are perfect for banking and financial sector that can not only verify the credentials of an end-user but can also check that whether they fulfill AML compliance guidelines or not. Billions are spent by banks and financial organizations on manually operating compliance departments. Identity verification services can reduce the cost of AML background checks while also improving substantially the amount of time that is required to fulfill such a background check.

So if you had any doubt about the utility of a KYC software for your business, rest assured that you will be provided true value for companies. Especially, if you engage with professional KYC organizations such as Shufti Pro, you will never have to regret the decision of bringing on board such a state of the art KYC software for your business operations.

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