IoT and Home Security

Home Security

If there is an industry which has embraced new technology changes with welcome arms, it is the home improvement. In recent times, home automation, Internet of Things, machine learning and artificial intelligence are the recent buzzwords in this segment. At present, it is the Internet of Things which has become more popular than other recent technologies in the home improvement industry. With this technology, every one of your home appliances can get connected to the web and act as per your commands. Now, this is a scenario that could have hardly been imagined three decades ago, but yes, the changes have happened for sure.

IoT is the Future
You need not too step far from 2019. Just wait for half a decade. As per home improvement experts, IoT will be the major technology in many homes. Armed with this new innovation, countries such as the US are preventing thefts, home burglaries, and break-ins. Just imagine IoT to be the nervous system of your body. And, to make this application work as per your requirement is very easy.

Before going to the details of how IoT can influence home security, can we get an idea about this new technology?
In short, simple terms, you can describe IoT as the networking of smart and interconnected devices. You can control every appliance via the app or Virtual Assistant. Just imagine the benefits. Every electronic item or home appliance right from the tape recorder, washing machine, microwave oven, and even CCTV cameras, you can control with the IoT.

IoT and Home Security
By using radio frequency identification, you can easily track and identify things. The best example, you can relate to is opening and closing of windows.

Let us imagine a situation. You are in the office and have ordered a product via Amazon. Now the delivery boy comes to your home and makes a call. You attend the call and since there is a smart lock in the home, the door can be opened via your mobile phone. Or you can give the delivery boy a password which will expire after five minutes. He taps the same password number, the door gets opened. He enters the first room, places the box on the table and exits before two minutes.

Now, all his activity, you can monitor via the CCTV camera installed in your home.

Industrial Property
Do you have an industrial property? Are thefts and burglaries common? Then you can install sensors in the area. Any intrusion, you can get an alert in your mobile, view via the CCTV camera (if they are installed) and alert the law authorities or security guards.

You can also benefit in another way. You can preset smart home locks to open the doors by facial recognition software. In recent times, even Facebook is using facial recognition to allow users to log in to their accounts. Now, you just come to your home, stand below the camera and let it verify the facial features. Then the door will open. If a new member comes to the home, you will get an alert via the mobile.

Do you want an old electricity bill? Then you do not have to store them. It is already stored in the digital version.

Care For Seniors
Let us imagine, you have a senior who needs health supervision. Being a dutiful son, you have employed a nurse for his personal needs. Now, you can monitor the activities of the nurse from your office. Via the sensors or CCTV camera. You can also get a record of his sleeping patterns, his food intake because every information is stored in the video file. Likewise, you can also monitor the activities of your children or pets. You can send the same video files to the doctor and ask him/her to review the health of your family elder.

What are the other aspects that can get controlled by IoT for the general public?

  • Traffic Issues
  • Retail Industry
  • Resource and power control in manufacturing industries

But there also exist some challenges. Shall we look at them?

There will be zero tolerance to faults. Even in a home, the personal preferences may vary. So, the schedules need to be set in proper fashion.

Not every person among the general public will welcome IoT in their homes. Some seniors may experience challenges when using modern devices. Due to lack of knowledge and practical experience.

The time has not come when these devices can function without electricity. So, a continuous supply of electricity is a must.

You need to renovate some areas of your home so that the smart appliances can work to their best.

When a new innovation comes to the market, it will have to face opposition and accolades at the same time. IoT has already been welcomed with open arms in all parts of the globe. Now, if you want to implement IoT in your home, you need to hire an experienced electrician in your city to do the home remodeling part. The reason, some appliances may need more electrical inputs. So do the electrical outlets.

Also, it has become very easy to hire a handyman professional these days. Home maintenance companies have qualified reputed professionals in their payrolls. Let us assume you are in Bangalore. To hire the best electricians in Bangalore, you need to download the app of the best home maintenance company and book the best pro in town.

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