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When you’re building a house, having a smart plumbing system is a good idea. It can help you save money and reduce the risk of you losing everything should the plumbing break down. If it does break down, your design can make sure it’s easy to fix, and if not, just call a plumbing services Rose Bay to fix it. Anyway, here are some designs.

Share a Wet Wall

A wet wall is one that has all the pipes, water supply lines, vents, sewers, and various other fixtures. These are found in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or any other place that has a sink, tub, or anything else that uses water. Some may spread their wet walls around the house, but if it’s possible, you can have every room share the same wet wall. This will all depend on the locations. If the bathrooms are on opposite ends, that can be hard. However, if the bathrooms are sharing the same wall, it’s a little easier.


If you have a lawn or a garden, you sometimes need to irrigate it. Some homeowners may have a plumbing design that takes laundry or bathwater and allows you to irrigate your lawn instead of pumping it into a sewer line. This can save you money on irrigation and it’s an environmentally conscious decision.

Conserve Water and Energy

Many people are looking into plumbing fixtures that can conserve water or energy. This can help save money on the bills and is a good way to go green. Toilets that don’t use much water, low flow faucets, a water heater that needs no tanks, and other green options(aluminium bifold doors parramatta) are a good way to go. For a more economic option, pipe insulation can help as well. It can conserve energy and help with your water or electric bills. Also, pipe insulation is great if you want to prevent freezing and potentially bursting your pipes.

An Easy Shutoff Valve Placement

A shutoff switch or valve is needed for an emergency. For example, a ruptured pipe. When a pipe is ruptured, every second counts, and you need to go to the valve as soon as possible to turn it off. Otherwise, you can be left with a flooded home.

However, many homes have their shutoff valve in places where you have to crawl or have to travel a bit to go to. This can be a bit of a hassle if you’re in an emergency situation where everything counts. Try placing your valve in a place that’s easy to access. Obviously, it should be kept away from children, but be easily accessible for adults. Doing so can prevent damage and save you money should a pipe burst.

Call a Pro

A pro can help you make some home improvements. Whether you want some commercial painters alfords point  or just some plumbing, a pro can help with any of that.

For plumbing designs, it is best that you talk with a  pro if you’re unsure. Some designs sound great on paper, but are expensive or impractical to implement. Others have a more economic way of working.

Calling a pro can help you if you’re dealing with uncertainty about your plumbing issues and sometimes, it’s a good place for you to start.

Having plumbing fixtures that secure your home or make living more practical can help you out quite a bit. Even if your house is already built, insulating your pipes can be a good option. Also, a good plumbing fixture can help with your home value as well. Good luck.

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