Preparing for Outdoor Adventures

outdoor adventures

If you have been living in a concrete jungle all your life, signing up for a challenge in the mountains or any outdoors in general is nothing short of an excellent opportunity. It is a sure-fire way to hammer your body into a new physique.

Build Some Muscles
We’re not implying that you can completely abandon lifting weights and still build the physique you’ve always wanted to. But a daily run can be a great accompaniment to your gym schedule. It will bring your dream physique closer and help you build strength for tricky ascents in the mountains.

Steady state cardio has been found to skyrocket growth hormones as against resistance training. For this reason, most military cadets around the world are made to undergo cardio fitness activities as part of their training whereas weight lifting is not commonly included.

But it is not just the body muscles that get developed in the process. The brain muscles also get stronger when we work out in the outdoors. With the new will power at work, you will find it easier to stretch yourself beyond your limits.

This way you can keep achieving new goals while working out. Suppose you’re running up a hill, you get tired but you commit to yourself that you will not stop until you reach that blind turn ahead. In the outdoors taking on new challenges such as these and achieving them is actually simpler.

Faster and More Flexible
Pounding your feet on the pavement will definitely help you to build a good body. But running in the hills gives you that extra edge over other forms of training. By including hill runs in your workout you can inch closer to your personal best.

The biggest advantage of running in hilly terrains is that you get to run on softer ground which is much better for your feet and joints than those hardened tiles that you usually find on pavements.

Another major advantage of running in the hills is the level of flexibility that you can achieve. Because of the regular obstacles that you encounter on your trail such as trees and rocks you are better able to adapt to turns and corners. Running in a park or out on a street will not make you nearly as flexible. Moreover, the abundance of fresh air improves our lung capacity and also makes us healthier.

Installing your mentor in your pocket
Mountain races can be quite demanding and there are not many around who have experience of training for such activities. However, you can find training schedules on the internet and there are many applications that you can install which should help you to train accordingly. You can use these dedicated training programmes to build a physique which is most suited for such excursions.

Greater Peace
Those who spend a lot of time in the outdoors have a subdued subgenual prefrontal cortex. As a result they display lesser tendencies of depression and anxiety. Those who prioritise the time which is spent outside the walls of the office tend to be happier and more peaceful in contrast with those who do not indulge in outdoor activities often.

This offers many benefits for the human mind and body. This could be a reason why many corporate teams include outdoor adventures on their corporate day out programs.

Another major advantage of training in the outdoors is that it exposes you to the sun which is something you can never get in indoor training. Besides the vitamin D that you get in abundance, sunlight is also known to enhance the energy that our muscles generate along with oxidation of our tissues. However, you must be careful about not exposing yourself to the sun for a long time as it can be harmful for the skin.

The Health Bug
Each one of us has struggled in the past to follow an exercise regime. But a study that was published in Environmental Science and Technology journal found that those who incorporated outdoor training in their exercise regime were more satisfied with the results of their training. The study also suggested that those who worked out in the outdoors were more likely to stick to an exercise regime than those who worked out in closed spaces.

By accepting a challenge such as this, you will finally get closer to having the shape that you have always wanted your body to have.

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