How Software as a Service Providers Get Benefits

Software as a Service

SaaS (Software as a Service) and cloud computing are recent trendsetter in IT segment. No wonder, companies are finding “renting” software as a best and suitable option rather than buying them and spend money on maintenance, clients, efforts and anywhere else.

Because of all these reasons, more SaaS companies have started hiring offshore programmers. These companies are growing rapidly and expanding the team size and also seeking possibilities to lower the costing and pricing for services. Moreover, companies find offshore programmers more reliable and ideal solution for SaaS and cloud computing services.

Benefits offered by offshore programmer teams to SaaS providers:
There are many reasons for approaching offshore programming teams and out of all, here we got top three reasons:

Enhanced productivity
When you hire offshore programmers, you get better chances to enhance productivity. SaaS companies usually work with both the onsite staff and offshore teams for more hours on regular basis. The reason is time difference; there will be less chances of mess as offshore developers may pass on the work done for on-site team – and vice-versa, after working hours. More time is given to quality work and thus, more productivity is achieved.

Better customer service
SaaS providers require vast technical support, since clients requests arrive often than a traditional software vendor. Companies can take assistance of offshore staff for support services as they work across time zones, they are able to accept client’s request even when the office hours get over.

Different countries and their different festivals- less time loss
This could be the primary advantage for SaaS providers. For instance- if the company is in USA, while hired offshore programmers team works from India, there will be different holiday’s list for each of the countries. In USA, on-site programmers and other staff will celebrate Christmas week, whereas in India, the programmers will be working consistently during that week. So, there will be no time loss and the development work will not get stop.

The quality of the service is essential thing to note down for ‘Software as a Service’ providers. Offshore programmer teams are capable of delivering quality software solutions and quality services with great potential. This influences affordable services and 24/7 customer care support for SaaS companies.

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