Mindfulness Meditation for Adults and Kids


Mindfulness Meditation for Adults and Kids


You will get stressed and under pressure due to your hectic schedule and jobs. As a result, your stress hormones increase significantly, and it triggers a variety of diseases. Mindfulness meditation by Mind Shiner tries to reduce negative thoughts, stress, and pressure feeling.

The Way to Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Practicing mindfulness for beginners is not as complicated as you can imagine. You can even do this meditation anywhere you want, such as when you are brushing teeth, drinking tea or coffee, eating, and many more. The idea is to be aware of the things in your present. For example, you have to feel the brush touching your teeth, the taste of the toothpaste, and even the sound of the brush when brushing your teeth. It is the same case when you eat or drink your favorite menu. You have to feel the beverage touch your lips and tongue, feel and enjoy the taste, smell the aroma, and many more.        

The Benefits of Applying Mindfulness Meditation

You will get a lot of benefits after applying mindfulness meditation. You feel that you much more relax and calmer after doing this meditation for a few weeks. This meditation method also helps to lower your stress levels, depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, and fear. On the other hand, this method increases your focus, happiness, calmness, resilience, and sleeping quality.

Who Can Apply Mindfulness Meditation

Everyone can apply mindfulness meditation, including your kids. Mindfulness meditation for kids is a little bit different than meditation for adults. The meditation for kids uses games to get the benefits while playing. Your kids may not realize that they are doing meditation. Parents can use songs, sounds, objects around them, and many more. The idea is that your kids are aware of the things in their present and feel all the sensations. Reading this information, you know that you can do mindfulness meditation together with your kids. 

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