Death scene cleanup service – what you should know about this type of cleaning and disinfection

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Death scene cleanup service – what you should know about this type of cleaning and disinfection

Disinfection is a mandatory treatment of the room in which the person died or the coffin with the body was located. Some relatives of the deceased person choose to perform the procedure on their own, using household chemicals to eliminate the unpleasant odor. However, it’s known that amateur approach under these particular circumstances can’t guarantee thorough cleaning and safe living conditions. If the corpse has been decomposing for a long time, a death scene cleanup service should be called.

Peculiarities of disinfection after the deceased person

After a person has died at home, the removal of the body has to be carried out within 2-3 hours. Since the corpse begins to release toxins after two hours, harmful substances settle on surfaces. So, death scene cleanup service has to get down to work as soon as possible.

If a person who died had undergone radiation therapy, or the cause of death was an infectious disease or a virus, disinfection of an apartment should be carried out immediately. It’s of pivotal importance to do it right away if the relatives of the deceased person are planning to further live in this apartment.

You should know that if the corpse lay at home for more than two days, the concentration of toxic substances in the atmosphere exceeds the norm. Moreover, the pungent putrid smell, which spreads and intensifies every day, starts bothering all dwellers residing in the building. So, if you postpone the disinfection and cleaning, it will be necessary to spend more time and money in order to treat not only the room and apartment in which a person died, but also the whole building.

People resort to the services of cleaning companies providing death scene cleanup service because they can ensure the most reliable cleaning of the premises.

Death scene cleanup service staff works with houses in which a corpse has been located for a long time. A team of trained people will disinfect the apartment after the deceased person. Experts evaluate the scale of cleaning. Fabric surfaces are treated with various cleaning products. If the putrid smell does not spread, employees will check the floors and clean the seams to remove any residual cadaveric fluid. In more severe cases, the destruction of insects is required.

The death scene cleanup service provides disinfection of various surfaces such as tiles, plumbing, parquet, linoleum, upholstered furniture.

They use chemical concentrates, equipment that destroy stains under the influence of high temperatures. If blood gets on the wall, specialists can paint over the traces or cover the area with a film. The procedure is performed at the request of the family. All things that were damaged due to the violent death of the deceased are disposed of. Substances containing alcohol are sprayed into the room to eliminate bacteria and fungus.

Companies offering death scene cleanup service carry out disinfection using different methods:

1. Processing an apartment with high temperatures, boiling, ultrasound, or ultraviolet rays.

2. Chemical substances with disinfection such as acids, chlorine, phenols, aldehydes properties are used.

Usually, cleaning after the death of a person takes from 1 to 3 hours. Relatives should leave the premises. Employees of death scene cleanup service should be equipped with protective suits and masks due to the presence of toxic fumes.

In summary, when disinfecting the premises after the deceased person, it is worth taking care of your own and the health of loved ones.


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