How to become a crime scene cleaner and if it’s worth it

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How to become a crime scene cleaner and if it’s worth it

It’s no brainer that cleaning up a crime scene requires both mental and physical effort. As a rule, crime scene cleaners are exposed to highly sensitive, emotional and tragic situations.

In this article, you will find out what job crime scene cleaners do and how to get this job if it suits you.

What do cleaners do at a crime scene?

Crime scene cleaners respond to the scene of a violent crime, suicide, accident, or other injury and clean up blood, bodily fluids, and other biological materials. Bloodborne pathogens are treated especially carefully in order to avoid the spread of dangerous viruses and bacteria.

Crime scene cleaners also clean wallpapers, furniture, carpets, and other contaminated items. Crime scene cleaners are hired by family members or business owners who have suffered the case of an injury or trauma in their apartments or offices.

When did these cleaning services start?

Historically, people used to take care of the consequences of violence, death, murder, or suicide themselves. However, with the increase of population in the cities the number of crimes also skyrocketed. As a result, people required high quality disinfection and sanitation treatment of their homes and offices. With an increased demand for these services, the cleaning companies started specialising in  odor removal services, blood spill cleanup services and crime scene cleanup services. In order to carry out these specific services, it’s necessary to provide the corresponding training to the cleaning staff and such specialists as crime scene cleaners appeared.

Over the years, the industry has grown into such a popular industry that it is featured in TV shows and documentaries.

Crime scene cleaning services have different names depending on the specific event. Other field names include:

  • biohazard services

  • suicide cleanup services

  • trauma cleanup services

  • decontamination services

  • blood spill cleanup services

What does the job involve?

There are many different types of crime scenes that cleaners regularly encounter. Cleaning up a crime scene can be a very complex process. Crime scene cleaners work around the clock and are expected to perform a unique set of tasks depending on the nature crime or accident.

Crime scene cleaners follow a well-established algorithm of cleaning.

Cleaning an apartment after the death of a person includes the following procedures:

  • cleaning all surfaces and interior items;

  • treating the surfaces with disinfectants;

  • dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, carpets, rugs;

  • complete elimination of putrid odor, toxins;

  • deodorization of the room.

How much money do crime scene cleaners make?

The rate ranges from $25 to $50 per hour. Everything depends on how contaminated the crime scene is and how much time it’s necessary to spend to eliminate the consequences.

A job of a crime scene cleaner can be profitable, but it requires special skills and knowledge to provide the service of high quality. What’s more, it’s emotionally and psychologically tough. You should take it into account when deciding on getting this job. If you are ready to take on challenges like these, you can get down to work.

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