How to Prevent Epoxy Floor Peeling

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How to Prevent Epoxy Floor Peeling

Epoxy coating services are highly sought after due to the many benefits. Apart from transforming the looks of surfaces, epoxy protects surfaces from wear and tear. Failing to treat epoxy flooring rightly can impact its appearance and texture. Epoxy can be tricky, hence it is not a task that should be handled by an inexperienced individual.

The flooring product needs resin and an activator to be a true epoxy. Epoxy coating services need to be done by a professional. To get the best result, the product needs to get the perfect mixing ratio. Epoxy flooring can end up with some imperfections when handled by an inexperienced individual. The installation process can go wrong due to many factors including

  • Improper installation

  • Weather conditions

  • Wear and tear

  • Ill-qualified technicians

  • Lack of tools and resources

These conditions, amongst others, are some of the major causes of epoxy flooring. Luckily, there are always ways around it. The best solution is to hire professional epoxy coating service providers with proven skills and experience on the job.

One of the common problems associated with epoxy floor is peeling. Epoxy floor peeling occurs when a portion of your epoxy floor tears away. This not only impacts the floors aesthetic value but also result in an uneven surface. Leaving the problem unresolved for an extended period can cause even further damage on the concrete flooring.

Cause of Epoxy Floor Peeling

Some of the possible causes of epoxy floor peeling include

  • High humidity level

  • Imbalanced temperature

Before application, technicians should take temperature levels and humidity levels into consideration. To get the best result, the right conditions must be met. High humidity, low temperature or high temperature can affect the end result of your epoxy floor.

Before application, experts in epoxy coating services must satisfy the following flooring conditions

The floor

  • Is clean and free of oil and dirt

  • Is free of moisture and completely dry

  • Have opened pores.

Solutions to Epoxy Floor Peeling

The resin will hardly set on dirty, oily or moisture-filled surface.

The solutions to epoxy floor peeling start with the application process. Taking every necessary step in the application process is key to preventing epoxy floor peeling. The right steps to take include

  • Clean Surface: Have the surfaces properly cleaned and free from dirt. Professional technicians will make sure that the floor is clean before application. Make the job easier for the installer by sweeping and cleaning at least a day or a couple of hours before the professional arrives. This leaves the surface clean and dry.

  • Right Weather Conditions: For the resin to set and harden, the installer must work in the best weather condition. Otherwise, epoxy floor peeling problem is inevitable

  • Prepare the Concrete Pores: The surfaces must be profiled properly. They will grind the surface to remove existing resin so the new application can set properly.

Even after following every necessary application technique, you may notice epoxy floor peeling over time. When this happens, the solution might be to replace your epoxy flooring. This should be handled by a professional as well.

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