Warning Signs of a Bad Interior and Exterior House Painting Professional

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Warning Signs of a Bad Interior and Exterior House Painting Professional

You’ve been inundated with stories about bad painters and the costly damage they leave behind due to their unprofessional services. A bad paint job is disappointing. Every time you look at it, it reminds you of the abysmal painting job you paid handsomely for. The result was below your expectations. Apart from the disappointment, a poorly done paint job does little in protecting your surfaces. It does not adhere to the surface, which means you will need to hire another interior and exterior house painting company to fix these errors.

Many warning signs tell if a painter is bad or not. One common mistake bad painters make is that they skip important steps. They are always in a hurry to complete paint jobs. Professional painters take their time to complete a project. They are more focused on results and customer satisfaction. The results of rushed jobs are bad paint jobs that require costly repainting jobs.

The common mistakes most painters make include

Not following through with the prepping stages

Some painters skip certain steps when preparing the wall surfaces for painting. The prepping stage is a process that includes

Prepping wall surface for interior painting

The wall should be free of wall hangings and fixtures. Remove furniture that can disrupt the painting job The next step is to remove dirt, dust, and grime from the wall surface. A wall that has not been clear of debris will not allow the paint to securely adhere to the surface, leaving your walls vulnerable to cracks and bubbles.

Prepping wall surface for exterior painting

Exteriors have a variety of different material types including wood, stucco, siding, and brick, just to name a few. Each material will be processed differently. However, one thing they all have in common is that the surface, regardless of the material type, must be free of dirt, or debris before they are primed and painted. For fast and effective results, pressure washing gets the dirt and debris off as quickly as possible.

Sadly, many bad painters will not follow through with the right prepping process. Skipping important steps just to make sure they complete the painting project fast. If you have an interior and exterior house painting project, hire only a professional contractor who will take their time to properly prepare the surfaces before painting.

Using the wrong paint product

In a bid to save even more money, unskilled painters will opt for bad paints. If your painter opts for low-quality paint products, rest assured you will need to get the surface repainted in a matter of weeks or months. Some bad painters will even make sure the paints are thinned down to save money.

Not taking weather conditions into cognizance

Professional painters are mindful of the weather conditions. They know when it’s right to paint and when it’s not. For instance, oil paints are best applied at temperatures between 40 and 90 degrees while latex paint comes out best when applied at temperatures between 50 and 85 degrees. A painter should not apply paint under too wet or too dry conditions.

Avoid bad painters today. Instead, hire professionals for your interior and exterior house painting job.

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