Street wear has been around for decades rooted in skate and hip-hop culture, it’s not a new phenomenon in the world. It has given way to an underground market of logo –heavy athletic wear establishing the personas of hype beast and sneakers alike.

The reasons as to why street wear is experiencing its peak only now is because we are living in the image –centric age of Instagram where street wears loud beauty allow the trend to make noise on social media and as younger shoppers are beginning to favour uniqueness over craftsmanship, out goes the interests in traditional luxury.

As the high fashion houses immediately taps into this growing social media trend, street wear is occupying a larger space within the upper level of style. But as we all know there are no brand that does this quite as Gucci. Under the leadership of the known creative director Alessandro Michele, the fashion house has completely altered its level, collaborating with the graffiti artist Trevor Andrew and photographer Coco Captain. Adopting a very maximalist approach, the company has made its trademark interlocking the “G’s” a symbol of instagram fashion. Perhaps the most characteristics aspects of the street wear and an aspect that high fashion brands are now attempting to emulate, is the model of the drop. Street wear brands will release a limited collection of items with little to notice and people will wait for even hours, sometimes they will wait until overnight just to get their hands on the products.

Drop model is conducive to creating hype with items functioning as tickets to a world of cool. So much so that the products then get resold online at a high price. underground streetwear brand has been evolving to lucrative new height but the psychology behind what street represented 30 years ago and now it has certainly changed, while many have traditionally related streetwear to a subculture referring to the skateboarding, graffiti, surf and hip-hop worlds, those formerly underground activities are now sufficiently mainstream.

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